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#RADreboot “The Non-New Year’s Resolution Challenge”

Day 14: Monkeying Around In The Gym

This exercise is my idea of beastmode. I absolutely love this “funky monkey” total body RAD exercise. Try it for one minute and get ready to sweat!

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Day 15: You Should Get Married


So many people are dating their healthy/fit life…sound like you? Well I challenge you to get married. Start seeing your healthy/fit life as a long term commitment. Doing better for spring break, a reunion, etc. is so 1994. Eat for life, train for life and breakup once and for all with diets and exercise. May you live happily ever after. The End!

Day 16: My Morning Practice Is So Naturally RAD


For 16 days now I have been waking up with a new practice- 20 minutes of yoga. I literally roll out of bed and whip out my mat. Before this I would roll out of bed and whip out a cup of coffee. But now I feel so revitalized and energized way before my morning cup of Joe. Do you do yoga? I have undeniably become completely a yogi. It is naturally the best!

Day 17: I Love Backing It Up At The Gym

When I am crunched on time I just hit the “gas pedal” and make every minute count. Today I did a 20 minute treadmill interval workout that left me dripping with sweat. I sprinted for 1 minute at 8.5 and then followed it up immediately with a 1 minute backwards jog at 5.5. After 10 cycles I was in the locker room showering and ready for the rest of my day. Quick, hard core fun!

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