The last 6 months of 2013 were capital T–O-U-G-H…and I have the pounds to prove it. As a professional FitGirl this weight gain is bad news, but as a professional human…I understand this is normal. I also understand that since I am a “professional FitGirl” I know exactly how to get this FitLife back on track. So here I am gearing up for my first (public) #RADreboot. I love you for following my fun and sweaty life, so the least I can do is share my #RADreboot secrets with you all of January! RAD healthy tips, RAD exercises and RADisms coming right up. Are you ready? Set…REBOOT! P.S. I would love to know what you think, so comment galore!

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Day 1: You Don’t Need A New Year To Change…

You just need a new day! 4 out of 5 people ditch their resolutions come February, which is why the #1 rule for the #RADreboot challenge is to take this thing one day at a time. A RADical transformation is on it’s way yall! Happy New Day!

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Day 2: “Break” Your “Fast” Yo!









For more tips read this. 

There’s meaning in the name yall…gotta “break” that “fast.” When you don’t, your metabolism be straight chillin. And ain’t nobody got time for a slow metabolism. Be a calorie burning machine and just eat.

“Your body has been “fasting” for at least 8-10 hours (the time post dinner coupled with your beauty rest). And then you have the nerve to go several more hours without “edible goodness” by not eating your first meal of the day until lunch?! Your body is in one mode and one mode only. Starvation mode. Hello slow metabolism, headaches, fatigue and fuzzy thinking…”

Day 3: Practice What You Preach

Oh the silly things that run through my head! Made this video in honor of my first group fitness class of 2014 today. I love this time of the year…although many of my colleagues hate it. I kept overhearing other personal trainers and group fitness instructors say “Here come the New Year’s resolution crew…they will be gone by February.” And while this might be true, another truth is, if we as professionals really take this time to “flex our muscles” and show our clients how fun fitness can be now…maybe they will still be here come swimsuit season. I BELIEVE! May you have an “I am undeniable” attitude within your career too RADicals.

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