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#RADreboot “The Non-New Year’s Resolution Challenge”

Day 22: Set New Goals

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I have been wanting to run the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon for quite some time now. But people have always told me that, “when registration opens don’t wait too long!” That’s right- this baby sells out quick every year. So, there I was at 11:55 a.m. today waiting for my iPhone to strike 12noon so I could “set a new goal.” And guess what?! I’m in! I’m super excited to train for something again, because truth be told, I’m my best physically when I have a specific goal in mind. I know this about myself now and encourage you to train for something too…set a new goal and rise to new RAD heights yall!

Day 23: About That Workout…Knock It Out

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Gone are the days of sweating in the gym for an hour or more. We are all crunched on time, so my new rule is: Get in, go hard and get out. I honestly only workout nowadays for 30 minutes max. At first this did not sound like enough time, but after several weeks of really making every minute count I can say that 30 minutes is all you need. So if you are thinking about skipping your workout today, I encourage you to “gawn ahead and knock it out!” Promise you wont regret it.

Day 24: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Omg why can’t I fix myself?! I have literally been yelling out this complaint for almost 2 years. My low back injury drives me so crazy it is insane. Pun intended. However I am all the way fed up..so here I am- a trainer who just hired a trainer. Our first session was today and it was so RAD that I am know yelling out things like, “OMG why didn’t I do this earlier!” Lesson learned: don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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Day 25: Sweat With The Best!


I love my Equinox family and am beyond proud to be a coach this year in their signature ETC (Equinox Training Camp) program. Interacting with members and helping them reach their goals is my forte, however this program has took things to another level. Me and my co-coach get to tag team 30+ people who have committed 6 weeks to their life to become their best fit self. I love the community we are creating, and again, I am so proud to be their coach! Follow my Instagram page (hey you should already be doing that) to follow these RAD transformations.

Day 26: Sunday Prep Day…You Ready?

The week is bound to get hectic…but I am bound to stay in control, which is why I prep prep prep on Sundays. FitGirl fast food on deck.

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