Day 4: Create Inner Peace


Today my yoga instructor was like, “you are such an inspiration…” I was like, uhm lady, “the feeling is definitely mutual!” I LOVE YOGA! I initailly started doing it to open my hips and become a better runner, but now my weekly sessions are necessary for more than my body. I love the mental escape it provides, plus how challenging it is. My favorite part though is being told what to do . This is so nice since most of the time I am the one doing the “telling.” Ahhhh fitness instructor/personal trainer relief. What do you do to escape from all the noise? Maybe one day you’ll join me on the mat.

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Day 5: You Are The Boss Of Your Body


There’s snow/slush everywhere. It’s cold. I’m tired. But I’m determined. It is easy to stick to your goals when your circumstances are ideal…but how “bout it” will you be when they aren’t. Was tested today. True story: I was sitting on the couch watching HGTV and a little voice in my head said, “Isn’t this fun…let’s do this all day!” Then this louder voice said, “What you ain’t gonna do is…” Long story short, next thing you know I was in Central Park running and chanting, “Layer it up. Lace em up. Suck it up!” Getting started is the hardest part, but the feeling you have once you’re finish is worth the fight.

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Day 6: Wake up…FLAWLESS

I will try anything once…and boy let me tell you! I am so glad I tried drinking fresh ginger tea daily. It is surprisingly tasty too! Ginger has so many health benefits, but the ones that have got me sold are: 1) I recover super fast from a tough workout now. 2) I am never tired. 3) My skin is FLAWLESS. Literally feels like I got a really expensive facial. You have got to try this RADicals. The recipe is easy: I juice my ginger, but you can totally use fresh ginger too. Drop about 1 Tbl in some hot water, add a little lemon and honey (if you need a little sweetness) and sip sip sip. Easy right? Let me know what you think.

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Day 7: Create Your Vision


Even though I am an OCD CraftyGirl trapped in a FitGirl’s body, I have never made a vision board. Shocker right?! Which is probably why I jumped at the opportunity to attend not one, but two vision board making parties this year. It was so fun to think about all I wanted 2014 to be over food and cocktails. I ended up making 6 mini boards: 1) Fitness 2) Relationships 3) Finances 4)Beauty/Style 5) Career 6) My Social Life. If I must say so myself, they are beautiful. Next step? Displaying them! Did you attend a vision board making party this year too? What does your vision board look like? Can’t wait to see them and walk in our destinies this year RADicals! XOXO

Day 8: H2Ohhhh My Goodness


Oh the power of Jesus juice. I was on set all day today and literally filled up my RAD water bottle a gazillion times. It never ceases to amaze me how rejuvenating water can be. I aim to drink at least half of my body weight in ounces daily. If this sounds like a lot to you then try this: Drink 8 ounces at every meal (that’s 24) and 8 ounces in between each meal (that’s 24 more). Boom that is 48 ounces. Once you get used to that then add a few more shots here and there. Before you know it you will be drinking half of your body weight without even thinking about it.

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