I am not just endorsing the above because I am a runner. The numbers don’t lie, which is why I had to share with you this recent study my friends over at Mizuno (A fitness company that is on a quest to unlock the potential of every run and give runners the tools to take incredible strides forward) did with the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. In an effort to understand the positive, cumulative impact that running could have on America, in terms of both mental, economic and physical health, Mizuno USA commissioned an in-depth statistical analysis, exploring the question, “What if everybody ran?”

The results were profound and hands down, running transforms! It can transform you as an individual when you repeatedly lace up for a morning run (that’s discipline – which is totally a transferable skill), it can can transform a community when runners come together for a cause, and it can certainly transform a nation…see how so below.

The Mental/Emotional Impact: “If Everybody Ran…” there would be:

1. 37 percent more smiles: Running boosts your mood and when you are in good mood, you smile more.

2. 163,607 (or 18.7 percent) fewer divorces annually: Makes sense since couples who sweat together, stay together

3. 29.3 million happier marriages: When you are taking care of your body and your health you are better able to take care of others…your spouse and children all benefit from your commitment to running.

The Economic/Commercial Impact: “If Everybody Ran…” there would be:

1. A 50 percent reduction in productivity lost due to sick days: Physical activity and your immune system are directly related. People who sweat often are less likely to become ill, and when they do become sick, their recovery time is often much quicker than non sweaters.

2. $25.3 billion in new exports generated because of this 1.15 percent improvement in productivity: Pumping it up may be what you need to perk up. In just 20 minutes of moderate heart-pumping fun, your attention and cognitive ability increases significantly.

3. A 10 percent increase in household earning potential: The chain of financial increase is simple. Do better work, get better offers/promotions, make more money. Running leads to healthy and healthy leads to wealthy. That simple.

The Health/Medical Impact: “If Everybody Ran…” there would be:

1. $130 billion in health care savings: Make an appointment with your running shoes more and make appointments with your doctor less. Hello “no-pay” co-pay!

2. 200 million inches lost from American waistlines: Minute for minute running is one of the most effective forms of exercise for burning calories. You are moving your entire body and your core is not exempt from all the RAD benefits running offers.

3. An increased average life expectancy of 6.2 years in men and 5.6 years in women: You only get one body in this here life. Take care of it and enjoy your extended stay here on earth.

Other Major Impacts: “If Everybody Ran…” there would be:

1. 63 million happier dogs: I mean you do have to walk your furry friend. Some even like running, so win win here.

2. 135 million fewer hours spent watching TV: From the couch to the streets. Entertain yourself running (which is P.S. my favorite way to people watch) and instantly spend less time being entertained by your boy Samsung.

3. 14 billion fewer hours spent online: It’s very hard to text and run (trust me). So sign on to the web less and sign up for road races more.

Individuals Who Are Living Testimonies Of The Power Of Running:

If you were homeless would you consider running? Many people weren’t until the national for-purpose organization Back on My Feet hit the scene in 2007. As an an organization that uses running to inspire and empower those experiencing homelessness, Back on My Feet is such an inspirational force not only in the running community but in our nation as a whole. Learn more about all their RAD work here.

So what do you say? Are you down to come along for the ride…or better yet, for the run? Learn more about the “What If Everybody Ran?” campaign by visiting Mizuno’s interactive site and following#IfEverybodyRan via their FacebookTwitter and YouTube pages.

P.S. If you are looking for your “sole mate” then absolutely check out the Mizuno Wave Rider 17. This is one of my top favorite running shoes ever so check this out for more information.


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