If you can walk, then you can run. And, if you can hit five sales in one hour on a Saturday morning, then you can run a 5K on one of those Saturday mornings too! You can totally do it, and here is why you should:

Workout Makeover:

If your workout routine has entered into the world of “raggedy and boring,” it may be time for a workout makeover. I started running races two years ago and ever since then I have seen dramatic changes in my physical health. Every season I have something new to train for and in doing so my workout regimen never has a chance to become dull. Running is great for increasing endurance, sculpting strong lean muscles and torching major calories. So go for it!

Chance To Make A Difference:

A difference that extends beyond your hot new bod, that is. Did you know there are approximately 12,500 5K races held across the country every single year? And guess what else? Majority of these races are attached to a specific charity or notable cause. Amazing right? Think about it, how often do you get a chance to break a sweat, achieve a personal goal and feed hungry children in your hometown ALL at the same time? Uhm, not often I assume. So make it bigger than a race, bigger than you and truly make a difference.

Confidence Booster:

Adding “I ran a 5K” to your already impressive list of successes can and will fuel future triumphs. I pinky promise that there are days I would rather watch “Family Matters” reruns and eat cookie dough ice cream than go to work. However, on those days I remember that once upon a time I was afraid to run a 5K. And in spite of my fear I trained for it, finished it and above all, I didn’t regret it. Now when Mrs. Fear and Mr. Can’t come a knockin’, I can boldly shout, “I have, therefore I can. I can, therefore I will overcome!”

Bonding Opportunity:

Did you know that the average wolf pack (yes I am referring to wild four legged mammals) consists of 12 wolves? Why? Because they are smart. Rolling solo is not only boring, but it also makes you a huge target for predators. Yikes! Ok, so back to you. Your “predators” are excuses for not running a 5K and your ammo is to roll deep. So recruit your friends. Accountability is everything when it comes to achieving a goal, and “homies that run together stay together!” I hear you now…Lisa, Jason, Brittany and Derek all said, “NO!” Don’t fret. You can join a running group and bond with like minded hard bodies in no time. Hello MeetUp.com. With various groups nationwide there is probably one right down the block waiting for you to jog along.

Snag New Gear:

If someone told you, “Go to the gym everyday for a month and I will give you $10,000 bucks!” Honey, you wouldn’t miss a beat. Why? Because reward-oriented goals are way more achievable than ordinary “I hope so” goals. So sign up for a 5K race, try on that new Sacred Heart jumpsuit or Nike Dunks and then imagine yourself doing The Wobble in them all the way to the finish line. Boom!


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