Now more than ever folks are lacing up their sneakers and running races. The most popular distance? The 5-K! In 2011 5.3 million finishers added “I ran a 5K” to their “I am so RAD list!” And with so many fun options around today this number is steadily growing. Want to join the rankings? Keep reading and find out which 5K is best for you!

Show Your True Colors

Looking for a moving party that doubles as a race? Then gear up in all white and get ready to sweat the rainbow during races such as The Color Run, Color Me RAD, (obviously I am a little bias towards this one…wink wink), or Run or Dye. Get doused in paint (which P.S. is super safe kaleidoscopic food colored cornstarch) and escape from the grind in a healthy fun way! P.S. Did you know that RAD team member Lauren ran one of these races as her first 5K? Watch this to see how it went!


Do It Just Be(Cause)

Looking to feel good for doing good? The Susan Komen Global Race for the Cure is perfect for you. As the world’s largest 5K, every May in Washington, D.C., nearly 35,000 runners put their sweat where their heart is the name of breast cancer awareness. Another cancer awareness and women’s empowerment race worth checking out is The Revlon Run/Walk 5K – with close to 29,000 finishers this race is held  annually in both Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.


Be Electric

Lights up. Here’s a bright idea: Looking for a vibrant way to tackle your first summer 5K? Sign up for theElectric Run— with hot music, breathtaking light displays and an energized crowd of thousands, this new race craze has already attracted crowds of over 10,000. And since they are taking place across over 30 cities this year you shouldn’t have a problem plugging into one. So register, train, show up and be bright in the RADdest fitness gear by FitGirl fashionista Ellie.


FitGirl Fashion Pairing

The Electric Love Capri is simply per-fect and you are going to absolutely love they way they hug you snug- thanks to their seamless technology (wasup extra stretchiness and light compression). P.S. Their hint of blue is so you, and when coupled with the Venus Tank you will have to stop and tell everyone where you got your electrifying get up at each mile. I am serious. I have not rocked these fab fitness finds without having to proudly announce “I’m dressed by Ellie.” The gentle mesh of The Venus Tank is super soft, lightweight and breathable, and the air flow you get in this one piece tank that doubles as two (hello built in bra) will keep you ultra cool as you tackle those 3.1 miles. Uhm hello…why are you still reading this…go get this outfit already?!

Use this code and get 20% off: 20offellie You’re welcome.


Dedicated. Dashing. Diva.

Obstacle course dotted with fun anyone? Ditch the barbed wire, fire pits and mud and grab your tutus, boas and bling instead! If you are looking for a challenging yet fun 3 mile adventure then the SHAPE Diva Dash is for you. This women’s-only 5K obstacle course will surely challenge your agility, balance, strength and speed all at once. So grab your girls and sign up for one of the ten available race locations now. Every race is different, so maybe you should sign up for two? Why not! Double the fun.


Fun With Foam

Dirty it up and then wash up. At the 5K Foam Fest, it’s not just the mud or awesome obstacles that makes this racing experience like none other, it’s the fact that after your are covered to your eyebrows in mud you finish cleaner than you started. Due to some glorious, sudsy, bubbly foam this race is perfect for the FitGirl that is looking to get down and dirty for just a hot second. So lace up a rock worthy pair of sneakers (like Spira®) and get out there lady.



FitGirl Fashion Pairing

Looking for a winning pair to rock in one of these fun 5K’s? Try Spira®. Initially invented by runners for runners who simply wanted more enjoyable, longer and productive runs, Spira® is the newest hot thing in running footwear. Their WaveSpring® technology offers incredible cushioning and impact protection against the pounding, stress and fatigue associated with running and I simply loved my RAD pair (Women’s Scorpius). No wonder they have sold almost 1 million pairs, and over 150 major races and marathons have been won by runners wearing Spira® shoes. Find your perfect winning pair here.



RADical Lauren Ran A Fun 5K!



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