Let me tell you one thing…I get around. When it comes to running shoes, I have dated so many, been hurt by some and have even asked around about pairs that I may want to ride. I mean I could probably write a book.

Running in the wrong shoe is like dating the wrong guy–stick with them too long and you are in for some serious injuries and pain. But meet the right one and your whole running life can change. I found my sole mate and running has never been so fun!

So, since I love running and I love you, I am going to help you find your sole mate too. Which pair will you say, “I do” too? Keep reading and find out.

First Things First: You can’t find true love until you love yourself. So lets figure out your true running gait/foot type before you get out there hunting for a sole mate. Find out here! 

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

This pair is perfect for the high arch-having FitGirl. This neutral shoe is surprisingly well cushioned and the shock absorption midsole is phenomenal. The flexible outsole allows for a little pep in your step and the upper area is supportive, breathable and not at all tight. Kind of hard not to accept a second date with this pair!

New Balance 890

Can’t bring a whole lot of drama to the table with these guys. This popular pair is everything a running shoe should be with out the extra fluff. Flat feet need not apply. Must have a true neutral gait  in order to step to this one. Extremely flexible, light weight, and supportive. Plus you can take them just about anywhere, I loved how this pair performed during my cross training workouts too! As the “golden boy” of running shoes this pair is perfect for many FitGirls.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Looking for a super supportive pair for your lovely toesies? These award winning kicks are the ones for you. Got flat feet? These shoes got you boo! This classic stability shoe is full of surprises too. They are lightweight (not heavy and bulky like most stability shoes) and the extra cushioning in the heel helps lessen the shock instantly with every strike. I have never met a FitGirl runner who didn’t love Mr. Brooks. 

Asics Gel-Kayano

Ever wondered how awesome it would be if your slippers also doubled as running shoes? Well wonder no more. This pair is amazingly lightweight yet designed to keep your gait in check. Gotta a love a pair that can check you with love. Over-pronate  no more. Oh and boy does this baby hold you tight…thanks to the four-way-stretch mesh upper and two layers of memory foam around the heel. You are going to love this snug but flexible fit. Once you snag these hotties you’ll never let them go.

Saucony Kinvara

For many runners looking for love today, less is definitely more. I mean who doesn’t love an easygoing non-restricting pair? However low arch having sisters beware. Mr. Down For Whatever lacks in the cushioning department. So if you need a significant amount of support or cushioning you may be disappointed in this relationship. But if you can stand on your own two feet without rolling in or out (as in pronation) then you are in for some freeing true love. Want to build up to Mr. DFW? Improve your stride  and focus on a mid-foot or forefoot strike when running. Your welcome.


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