Fitting into your favorite jeans or running your fastest mile by 30 may be what has motivated you to get in shape thus far, but I have found some reasons that are far better. I am not joking. First of all, they are instant (think microwaveable results). Second, they don’t expire (the two examples above do). And lastly they will certainly leave you craving more and more sweaty refills (this tasty “pop” wont be banned by the government). So here you go my friend….four secrets to STAYING motivated.

Secret #1: Pumped Up Productivity

Cramming before a big test or meeting? Have 25 errands to run in less that 24 hours? Ditching your workout in order to gain more time may seem like a good idea, but a quickie at the gym can actually be quite beneficial. In just 20 minutes of moderate heart-pumping fun, your attention and cognitive ability increases significantly. Hello Mrs. Sharp-As-A-Tack. And there’s more. This pumped up productivity you just tapped into can last up to 1 hour! So next time you know you will be entering a territory of high distraction or need to be on point schedule a workout right before.

Secret #2: Skin That Glows

Want a facial that is free ninety-nine? Sweat. When your heart rate increases the increase in blood flow circulates to the surface (your skin). So after you pump your fist and pop your hips in hip hop dance class your skin will thank you with a revitalizing and fresh flush. Can you say no blush needed. Fitness is sooo the new spa treatment.

Secret #3: Healthy Homies 

Healthy social connections reap significant health benefits. That’s no secret. However the folks that you share a common interest with (think that hot guy that always takes the same bootcamp class that you do) have the potential to become highly sustainable homies. I mean who doesn’t want a ride or die sweaty companion? Studies show that people who workout are perceived as more friendly, outgoing, personable, kind and attractive than those who don’t. So stop keeping to yourself at the gym. Strike up convos with fit strangers and watch how the “sweaty” law of attraction really works.

Secret #4: Better Sleep

If your relationship with your sheets includes a lot of tossing and turning and few moments of solid shut eye then you are either having a lot of fun or you’re super frustrated. So, if you are having slumber parties in the land of frustration then listen up. According to a 2011 study, those who engaged in moderately intense exercise for a total of 150 minutes a week were able to fall asleep faster and felt less tired during the day. So get it in at the gym (or wherever) so you can pass out sans the restlessness.


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