Happy Slay Day! The wait is over ladies, our favorite girl is now officially a fit girl…

Many across the nation unleashed their inner Sasha Fierce all in the name of sweat today thanks to the drop of Bey’s co-owned athleisure collection Ivy Park.

I was in that count (more on this “fierceness” below)…

However since skin baring season is upon us, and I know you’re looking for some fun ways to “slay,” I figured why not let our girl Beyoncé lead the way.

So where my Bey Hive boos at?! You’re going to love these RAD fit tips inspired by Queen B herself. Get ready to“Run The World” girls – well at least your fit girl world.


Be Sure To Look Flawless

During the day or after dark you must check out Ivy Park! Sold exclusively at Topshop, Nordstrom, and Net-a-Porter this new addition to the fitness fashion world is right on time.  Because let’s be honest ladies, this ‘casual yet chic’ trend is just getting started. In fact according to the Wall Street Journal, Barclays estimates “the U.S. athletic apparel market will increase by nearly 50% to more than $100 billion at retail by 2020.” So “Ring The Alarm” because Ivy Park is truly designed for everybody and every body.

The sizes range from XXS to XL (P.S. everything runs big – appreciate ya for that ego boost Bey) so you are going to love how the leggings hit every single one of your curves. They also come in three different rise options sis – The I, The V, and The Y, from least to most ab coverage. Plus the “second skin” sports bras and bodysuits will have you unleashing your inner Sasha Fierce in no time. No lie, I just spent my entire paycheck today…


Unleash Your Inner Sasha Fierce

Now on to the motivation I know you need to “slay” this season…

First up, speaking of Bey’s alter ego, don’t be afraid to adopt your own inner Sasha Fierce. Especially if you hate working out. I love to sweat and I still tap into this power on the days that my motivation is low. So if you keep hitting that snooze button during those morning yoga sessions ask yourself, “what would Beyoncé do?” She would “nama-slay” that’s what. Also while we are on the topic of using our imaginations, did you know that studies show that visualization increases athletic performance by improving motivation, coordination and concentration. It also aids in relaxation and helps reduce fear and anxiety (Huffington Post). So yeah, let that imagination run wild and mess around and really be running.

Get In Formation

Okay so now that you’ve made it to your workout, it’s time to get in formation. Meaning, how you workout is key ladies. I live in the busiest city in the nation, so I prefer to keep my workouts quick and intense. So if you too are low on time, do yourself a solid and focus on your form when you sweat. Because girl, 100 squats don’t mean squat if you’re using your knees and not your booty to drop it low. And this is just one of the many “out of formation” offenses. So if you’re not sure if you’re doing burpees or pushups correctly, get yourself a RAD trainer, join a class where everyone looks like they could be in a fitness DVD or just head over to RADtv. Either way, don’t waste another workout out of formation sis.  


If You Were A Boy

You would be in the weight room. No for real. I am always so shocked when I hit the gym and majority of the folks hitting the weights are dudes. Straight up – girls it’s time we start to get smart about dumbbells. Lifting heavy won’t make you bulk up. Unless you are on steroids, which I doubt. So drop the idea that lifting weights is a manly way to sweat and meet me on the squat rack. Your metabolism will thank you and everything will be tighter and toned once you do.

I Got Hot Sauce In My Gym Bag

Yo! I about fell out when Yonce’ let the whole world know one of the many secrets of the south: hot sauce in our purses! But for real, did you know that the key to looking hot this summer is to do the same and have hot sauce in your gym bag! Yep that’s right, spicy food is your “hot body’s” secret weapon. By adding jalapeños, cinnamon, Sriracha or whatever your spice of choice is to your diet you are giving your health a little jolt. In fact studies show that cultures that eat the most spicy food have much lower incidences of heart attack and stroke. Plus, since you can’t really suck down spicy food like a human Hoover, chances are you will eat slower and consequently less.  And if that is not enough, spicy grub has a thermogenic effect that may cause the body to burn bonus calories for 20 minutes post meal. So yep, if you’re trying to drop a few pounds, do like our girl Bey and let spicy food upgrade ya!


Get Bodied Below The Waist

Bit butts are so in! Praise. And worship. However did you know despite the nation being tardy to the party, having a significant amount of junk in your trunk has been and always will be healthy. Which is too bad since most people are lazy butts. No, I’m not being mean. Lazy butt syndrome is a real thing and a real problem. The gluteus maximus – your main butt muscle – is the largest muscle in your body. So if you live a sedentary lifestyle – as in sit on it all the time – those muscles can become inactive and forget how to fire. This is no good since your rump shaker aids in standing, walking and stabilizing both your hips and spine. Experiencing hip pain or just can’t seem to get your core to do more? Then get your butt in gear (not being mean again) and add some booty specific exercises to your workout regimen.

Keep Love On Top

And last but not least ladies, no matter what your “get fit” goals may be be sure to keep self love on top. Our attitudes about ourselves can cause more harm to our health than any Talenti ice cream addiction ever could, so ditch the self trash talk once and for all. I believe that this will be the season when we all change our minds, change our bodies and consequently RADically change our lives!

Did these RAD tips motivate you to “slay” like Bey? Let me know below.


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