First I thought it was winter blues (spring where in the world are you in NYC), or maybe just too much on my plate with this budding fitness fashion line, full roster of clients, Equinox classes, RAD Live! parties etc. But then I realized while it is probably a combination of all the above, the truth of the matter is I’m not really motivated.

Sure inspirational quotes are plentiful on social media and I sweat daily, however I still find myself double tapping with out double stepping lately. Simply put, dragging my feet has been dragging me down.

However the good news is that while I may not be motivated I am 100% dedicated.

Managing my to do list all while managing to stay healthy is not easy, so I wanted to share with you my RAD tips to stay in the game when all you really want to do is sit the bench. 

Schedule Your Joy

Looking for a piece of advice that will help you keep the peace in the midst of chaos? Prioritize the things and the people that really make you happy.

Joy overflowing may be a cliche, but the more you schedule peaceful and happy moments the more you will experience this life altering mood. As in you won’t have to work so hard to get all your work throughout the day one. Feeling good in one area of your life will undoubtedly flow into other areas as well RADicals. Even the unrelated ones. For instance, while I have no motivation some days to do the “business” work of my brand, I allow myself to fully indulge in my morning workout or a juicy novel that I may be reading beforehand just to get my “feel good” juices going. Then when I sit down for the not so fun tasks of my job I can count on the joy I intentionally scheduled to push me through. This works with people too. So call up that friend that makes you laugh crazy hard, read your favorite blog (ahem) for an extra 10 minutes or sit by that bubbly buff girl in spin class just to feed off their energy.


Plan To Change The Plan

Hello OCD perfectionist. Yep that’s me. No self dis here folks. These qualities are definitely deemed as a weakness, however I choose to pursue the strength in these qualities by keeping them in check. Especially since my break up with Ed. How so? By consistently doing the work that remaining healed requires. Short answer – by remaining open to the unknown.

This is by no means comfortable, but the results are often indescribable. I can’t tell you how many RAD days I’ve had all because I remained open. In fact when my mother passed almost three years ago a friends mother told me to just take it one day at a time and pray this three word prayer when I felt overwhelmed, “What next God?” And while she was speaking specifically to my grief this advice has become a part of my daily practice. Anxiety is fear untamed, so in order to keep this byproduct of perfectionism at bay I enter each day with the plan to change the plan. The spontaneity it provides definitely keeps me dedicated to the “choice” to be happy.

Practice Immediate Forgiveness

Another required practice for managing perfectionism is incorporating immediate forgiveness. We can all be down on ourselves, however unchecked a Debbie Downer moment can hold you down longer than necessary. Therefore I’ve learned to just let things go – big and small.

So what I ate that whole medium pizza for dinner last night. Tomorrow (the meal to immediately follow) is a new day and breakfast is another chance to eat clean. So what I didn’t finish my morning tasks. This afternoon (the task to immediately follow) I have a meeting scheduled that I know I’m absolutely prepared for. Get it? The goal is basically to “immediately” shift your focus to what is actually next. And if there’s nothing you can actually identify as “next,” then forgive your perceived failure and setup a moment for success. This is called balance RADicals. No more ditching your diet for the week just because you had a not so healthy meal on Tuesday. No more calling it a day simply because one thing didn’t go your way. Hands down immediate forgiveness has been the best area of growth that this season of “low motivation” has provided.

I pray these tips help you stay dedicated even when you’re not really motivated. Now go forth and be RAD!

*Fitness fashion courtesy of Onzie.

Let me know how you stay dedicated during moments of low motivation below.


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