Sir Mix-A-Lot and Nicki Minaj had it right ladies! Because, baby, if you got back then you ought to know that all that junk in the trunk is actually good for your health too. So whether you got it from your momma (thank you genetics) or you squat for your life to get it, please know that a plump rump is where it’s at and not because Vogue just got the memo. 

Extra cushion in the back is a good thing! According to ABC News, women with bigger butts are not only healthier but also have extra protection against diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with obesity. Using the fruit bowl comparison chart for body types, pear shaped ladies are better off simply due to the way they carry fat. This means that having a donk balances out your hip to waist ratio, which P.S. is another display of good health.

Plus, did you know that the largest muscle in your body is your booty, hence gluteus maximus. Responsible for movement of the hips and thighs, this massive muscle also aids in rising from sitting positions (or from dropping it at the club), climbing stairs and keeping you erect when standing (hello good posture). So don’t forget to add a bootylicious regimen to your workout routine. Exercises such as squats, hip raises and dead lifts are all my favorites. 

Again, Sir Mix-A-Lot was right, better do those side bends and sit ups. Weak core muscles not only pull the spine out of alignment (hello low back problems) but can also lead to weak hips and tight hamstrings. And honey, this trifecta of imbalances is nothing to play with. So avoid all this by working your core with exercises that activate the glutes too–think planks and pelvic bridges. P.S. Twerking is great too.

So now that you know that having a plump rump is healthy, it’s time to let you in on another secret: having a “badonkadonk” makes you smarter too? True story – women with big butts have a surplus of Omega 4 fats, which helps brain development. So simply put, women with wide hips may have smarter children than thinner women. Well then, pass the red beans and rice will ya!


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