High Intensity Interval Training (known as H.I.I.T.) is taking the fitness industry by storm! As it name suggests H.I.I.T is an “intense” workout that alternates between high intensity bouts and minimal moments of low intensity/rest. It’s the only way I train, and guess what? I am not the only one. People everywhere are slipping in their own sweat whether it be in the gym or the comfort of their own homes. If you haven’t heard of it, or haven’t tried it, keep reading and get ready to finally achieve the body of your dreams.

Why H.I.I.T.? Think after-burn. When you work out at this level, the calories you burn long after your workout is your motivation. It depends on the level of intensity, but the average woman can burn calories for up to 24-48 hours after a workout and men burn up to 72 hours after. That’s up to 9X more calories than your traditional cardio workout. So turn up the heat and get both stronger and leaner much quicker.

Get Intense At Home. No gym membership or equipment required. All you need is space, your body and any device that can keep time. For a formula that is easy on the mind, yet hard on the body, I would like to shout out one of my favorite doctors: Dr. Tabata. The sweaty extraordinaire’s self-titled workout Tabata goes a little something like this:

1. Select any exercise

2. Go for broke for 20 seconds. Think all out effort that leaves your breathless.

3. Immediately after rest for 10 seconds.

4. Repeat this cycle 8 times for 4 minutes of sweaty fun.

5. Reset the clock and start again at step one. Keep going to either your creativity or body maxes out. Easy right? Oh and P.S. There’s an app for this sweat fest! Check it out here.

Flex That Membership For Real. Group fitness classes at your local gym are a perfect way to get your H.I.I.T on! So spread your wings social butterfly and get sweatylicious with others. The energy of the group coupled with an instructors motivation and coaching significantly increases your ability to go harder and longer! Not sure what classes are H.I.I.T.? Look for words such as: High Intensity (duh), Intervals, Intense, Bootcamp, Circuit Based or Metabolic Conditioning. Boom!

Go crazy with INSANITY: The Asylum We all have that crazy family member that we can count on to shake things up right? Well allow me to introduce you to INSANITY’s crazy cousin INSANITY: The Asylum. Oh you think INSANITY was off the chain? Puhleaze. Shaun T’s sports training in Asylum tops the chart. Train like an athlete and dig deep with this agility based sports training program from Beachbody. Shaun T makes your success his business and is the ultimate motivator. You will go crazy when you see how much you and your body progress in 30 days. So unleash that inner athlete and get ready to go pro! For more information, visit www.Beachbody.com


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