With all the pumpkin and football fun finally here, I couldn’t help but spice things up in this final quarter of the year. Yes 2016 was all I imagined and then some. However the “then some” has certainly been both unpleasant and pleasant at times. So before I start brainstorming my 2017 goals I thought I would review some of 2016’s key lessons (thus far)  and let you in on how I plan to fall into something new well before the New Year.


Meditate Before You Activate

Call it prayer, call it meditation. Whatever name you prefer is cool with me, however I’ve found that days when I center myself  before I give myself have not only been the most productive, but the most purposeful days. I’ve been doing apps like Calm and Headspace. Googling breathing techniques, reading self help books etc. All because, let’s be honest, things can get crazy in this big city. The craziest observation I’ve noticed this year is how fast time flies. 7 years have not only flown by, but are a little blurry at times. So presence has been my motivation lately.

It’s easy to go through the motions in life, so now morning moments of prayer and meditation are non negotiable. Yes some mornings I don’t have time or a clue what to say/meditate on. But what I’ve learned through this new commitment is that neither of these things matter. Some mornings I pray and meditate for a long time. Others I just sit still for a few minutes in silence. Either way it is the choice to center myself that counts. Turns out that practicing presence is a small commitment that’s making a big difference.


Let The Leaves Inspire You

My favorite thing about fall is to watch the leaves change. It is both fast and beautiful. One day you look up and the trees are vibrant and colorful, only to notice that in a few weeks those same leaves have died. I’ve seen this 30 plus times now, however this year feels different. Pruning is something I’ve always embraced in my personal space simply because my OCD has no patience for clutter. I’m constantly throwing things away and am addicted to the high of “ridding myself” of the unnecessary. The new school term for this I believe is being a minimalist.

However for the first time ever I’ve been forced to do this in my professional life. And let me tell you, it is not the same gratifying feeling you get when you clean out your closet and donate bags of stuff to Goodwill. In fact it feels more like quitting. Endings are not favorable, I get. However I also understand now that for true growth to take place I must face the inevitable: change. There is a time and season for everything, so I know that my “next” is requiring me to let go of many things this season. Growing pains in full effect y’all. However I definitely plan on using fall as a time to enjoy what’s beautiful all while embracing the soon to come pruning process. Just like the leaves.


Do Less So You Can Do More

“What do you do?” A question I despise to ask, be asked and answer. It is a common question in new conversations nowadays and I always wonder how different connections would be if we entered in with something else. But I get it, what we do and who we are can sometimes be intermingled. I like to think of myself as the exception to this commonality, however because my passion is my career I’m definitely the poster child of this truth. So lately when I answer this question I’ve noticed that it is not a short answer. I always try to spit it out in 140 characters or less, but realized this year that while I take pride in being able to do a lot, my “a lot” is actually too much. Being a Jack of all trades is truly fun and exciting, but I’m certain that 2017 will be the year of simplicity (oh look, another word for minimalist). So as I finish out this final quarter the goal is to start appreciating the fact that once I do less, I will actually be able to do more.

Looking forward to falling into something new. What are you up to this season? Let me know below.

Fitness fashion courtesy of Onzie – check out the Wind Warrior Collection here. I am wearing the Khaki Bondage Leggings, Khaki Wrap Bra and Burgundy Sleeveless Hoodie.

Shoes courtesy of Six:02 – I am wearing the Nike Air Max Thea.





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