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How I Made A RADical Change In My Health & Learned To Shine


#TBT to last week when I had the honor and privilege to be the featured guest on my dear friend and RAD ambassador’s new radio show Shine On Radio with Kelly Anne Wadler.

Maybe it’s our similar middle names that make us kindred spirits, or perhaps it’s our shared mission to help people be the best version of themselves? Either way, this girl is super RAD and our interview rocked my socks off.

You can listen to it here, however in the meantime here are a few gems from our “chick chat” on how to “Find Your Shine & Make RADical Changes In Your Health.”

P.S. I’ve noted where you can fast forward through the interview to the key points listed below throughout this post. Just FYI. You’re welcome.

You Can’t Start At The Finish Line

First, a quick news alert – my relationship with my health, wellness and fitness wasn’t always RAD. It’s been a journey and it certainly didn’t happen overnight. Growing up a “healthy” kid (code word for chubby) really shaped who I am today. So like many looking to radically transform their health, I started off clueless and often times hopeless.

Therefore I had to start small and I had to consistently choose this fun and sweaty life. This is still currently a daily practice, and while the work never ends, it does get easier.

There are no shortcuts, so don’t be afraid to take the scenic route. Victory is sweeter when you do. Take it one day at a time and remember that absolutely no one (not even the professionally fit) started at the finish line.

Imperfections Are Perfectly Fine

Speaking of the journey, there are some things you’re going to have to leave behind.

Extra baggage makes any trip unnecessarily challenging so the first bag you should drop off is the desire for perfectionism. Trust me, I am typing this as a note to self. Many of you know that perfectionism is something that I struggle with. However after 14 years of it’s life consuming power, it is also something I consistently check in with.

Surviving an eating disorder changed my life and is honestly the love child of RAD Experience (more starting at 3:12 in the interview).

Therefore in order to remain healed and healthy I have to constantly kick perfectionism to the curb.

Transform Your Mind Through Forgiveness

However the only way I can truly embrace the truth that my imperfections are perfectly fine, is by consistently inviting forgiveness to the party (more at 15:08 in the interview).

Every single day is an opportunity to renew my mind, body and spirit and my commitment to this constant daily practice makes the inevitable chaos of life not only manageable but enjoyable.

I mean, so what if you made a mistake yesterday, or even a few seconds ago. Embrace the fact that you are a human and that one of the many side effects of being a human is making mistakes.

Celebrate Every Chance You Get

And lastly, the more you’re able to forgive yourself the more you’ll be able to celebrate every chance you get.

When I was overcoming my eating disorder and even when I face challenging circumstances today I always remind myself that, “I may not be who I want to be, but thank God I’m not who I used to be.” I truly believe that constant growth and constant change are moments that we should constantly celebrate.

The best part of life is the spontaneity that it provides, therefore the power of releasing control is ultimately freeing (more at 19:28 in the interview). To celebrate where you are today, and to do it again tomorrow, and again the next etc. will open your life up in ways that words cannot express. So remember, self indulgence is not a sin, therefore you should celebrate exactly who you are every chance you get (more at 43:25 in the interview).

Overall I hope this post inspires you to make that RADical transformation you set out to make in 2016, because in my 10+ years as a pro fit girl I can say this: I have never met anyone who has changed their health and their entire life was not transformed too (more at 31:57 in the interview).

So go forth my friend – be RAD and Shine On!

More on Kelly Anne Wadler’s radio show and Shine On Movement can be found here.

What’s keeping you from a RADical transformation? Let me know below, I want to help.



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