Nearly one-third of U.S. smartphone owners download apps from the fitness and health category. So if you’re looking to use your smartphone to shape up, then you’ll be glad to know that I’ve tracked down the best fitness apps to help you stay on track. They are all totally worth your time and your storage space, so enjoy this download-worthy list.

For Fitness Newbies: Argus

This app is a great way to start your tech-sweaty life because it is all about lifestyle. Argus stays on in the background of your smartphone and tracks almost everything—like when you’re changing elevation, speed, going up stairs and running. The charts are easy to read and super colorful, so enjoy tracking how much daily movement you’re getting in naturally. (Free; iOS.)

For Anti-Gym-goers: Nike+ Training Club

Looking for a free gym membership? Well, here it is. Nike+ Training Club allows you to work out withNike master trainers (read: Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas) no matter what your level or goal may be. Choose from more than 100 workouts, get motivation from your crew and train better together, all in the palm of your hand. (Free; iOS and Android.)

For Workout Jet-Setters: Sworkit

No equipment required, so no more skipping your workout when you skip town. Get ready to “Simply work it!” with this app, designed for busy people. The high-intensity body-weight workouts are short and sweet (some are only five minutes), and every workout is super easy to follow because of the high-quality videos. Bye-bye, excuses. (Free; iOS, Android and Amazon.com.)

For Group-Fitness Groupies: Daily Burn

Why go to the gym and fight for a spot in your favorite group-fitness class, when you can get a top-notch workout wherever and whenever? Daily Burn is an app that is filled with hundreds of workout videos led by celebrity trainers. All you need is an Internet connection and a little motivation. (Base price begins at $14.95, but you can try it for free for 30 days: iOS and Android.)

For Walkers-Turned-Runners: C25K

Have trouble running for the bus but would love to run 3.1 miles? Well, the Couch to 5K app can help. By following an eight-week program with three workouts a week, anybody and any body can become a runner. Doesn’t matter what shape you’re in—the workouts progress through a combination of walking and running to build up your fitness level without overdoing it. (Free; iOSand Android.)

For Running Junkies: Runkeeper

If running is your game, then run to your app store and download Runkeeper stat. By using your phone’s GPS, you can track your runs (any distance activity, really) and the app will record your pace, distance, total exercise time, calories burned and other useful metrics. Plus, you can take and tag pictures on the go. Hello, #ViewFromMyRun. (Free; iOS and Android.)

For Spinners and Spinderellas: Strava

Cyclist, rejoice! With Strava, you can now track your distance and speed, all with your smartphone. You’re going to love the charts that showcase your performance through heart rate, average time and a metric known as a “suffer score,” a measure of just how hard you’re suffering (available in the premium version). P.S. There’s a running-specific version as well for all those triathletes out there. (Free; iOS and Android.)

For Train-Me-on-a-Budget Buff Bodies: FitStar Personal Trainer

Gone are the days of having to drop cash in order to drop weight. Thanks to the FitStar Personal Trainer app, you can now get workouts tailored directly for you. The app assesses your needs and fitness level after every session. That way, every workout is challenging and yet possible. It was created by former NFL star Tony Gonzalez, so calling all beginners and fitness fanatics. (Free; iOS.)

For Yoga “Om-ies”: Yoga Studio

With 65 ready-made yoga and meditation classes ranging from 10 to 60 minutes, Yoga Studio is perfect if you like to get bendy. There are a variety of levels offered, all presented in high-definition video. Plus, you can perfect your practice by creating your own video classes from the app’s library of yoga poses and “pose blocks” (poses commonly grouped together). Namaste. ($3.99; iOS.)

For Silly Sweaters: Carrot Fit

Laugh your way to those six-pack abs with this “abs-olutely” hilarious weight-tracking app. The jokes are plentiful, so you’ll have no problem moving through its seven-minute workouts. Plus, you’ll love the fun names like “territory marker” for lunges and “dragon mating dance” for pushups. Sass meets sweat. ($2.99; iOS.)

For Number Lovers: Gym Genius

Never forget what rep or set you’re on again! Gym Genius makes tracking your gym session easy by helping you track what you lift, how many reps, the number of sets and even real-time progression. It will also tell you metrics on your last lift so that you can aim for a P.R. (personal record) every time. No more plateaus! You can count on that. ($2.99; iOS.)

For Performance Perfectionists: Fitnet

Your camera phone isn’t good only for selfies. Now it can also help you perfect your form. As you follow workout videos from personal trainers, the Fitnet app uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet to measure how well you’re keeping up with the workout. Then the app provides real-time feedback so you can always be improving. Perfect pushups, here we come. (Free; iOS and Android.)

For Social Media Masters: BurnThis

Speaking of your camera phone, not all your friends want to hear about your workouts. But if you download BurnThis, there’s a #fitfam out there waiting with chiseled open arms. Basically, imagine if Instagram and Pinterest had a sweaty baby. The social platform is the perfect place to post progress photos, find #fitspiration and healthy recipes, and motivate other like-minded people. (Free; iOS.)

For Goal Diggers: Pact

Put your money where your sweat is. Dig in your pockets and wager money on whether you’ll go to the gym or complete a workout. The app verifies this by making sure you check in to the venues where you said you’d be. If you reach or exceed your goals, you earn cash. If you don’t, you have to pay up. The pot is communal, and there are a lot of slackers out there, so go cash in. (Free; iOS andAndroid.)

That’s it; now go forth and “app” accordingly!


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