“Hate to see you go spring, but glad to see you coming summer.” Sound familiar? Well lets celebrate this popular season with a bang. BBQ fun is to be had so time to break out those short shorts, two pieces and bedazzled flip flops. However don’t you dare let this beloved season wreck all your hard work. Celebrate your sizzling hot bod and healthy life by breaking out the grill and serving things up in a guiltless way.

Lean On This

Everybody loves a good hamburger, but a turkey or ground chicken burger done right can be just as great. Play with fun combinations and invite lean protein choices to your BBQs this year. Puffing your patties up by adding a little feta cheese or grilled veggies is a great way to kick the flavor up a notch without adding tons of calories. Plus your friends will appreciate the added surprises when they bite down into your reinvented healthy creation.

Go Topless

Leave the white stuff on the shelf and opt for whole wheat buns instead. Or better yet, go naked and ditch the bun altogether. Not a foodie risk taker? Then just go topless and save half the calories. You wont even realize the bun is gone, so grab a fork and dive in.

Lay It On Thick

Bun + Burger + Condiments = Boring! Stand out from the crowd and layer on the veggies in a crazy way. Think a side salad sandwich with a side of protein. This will not only make your burger more filling but also more fun. The options are limitless so go crazy in the produce aisle. Plus, grilled vegetables make for a great entrée themselves, especially veggies with hearty flavors like portobello mushrooms, squash, onions and peppers. So going vegan on that second trip to the grill is totally an option too!

One Hand On Ya

Here’s another skinny BBQ secret weapon: watch your portions. Serving size is everything and can certainly help keep things under control. Think one hand. A serving of meat is about the size of your palm (not your whole hand) and a serving of fruits and vegetables are about the size of a baseball (P.S. the more baseball’s the better).

Keep It Short And Sweet

Desserts should be invited to the party but they shouldn’t be the party. So don’t be a weirdo and try and avoid the dessert table all day, just be picky. Keep it short and sweet and just pick your favorite one. However, if you feel like your will power is weak then skip the high-calorie desserts such as cake, cookies, or ice cream and stick to fresh fruit salad or fruit flavored popsicles.

What’s on your BBQ menu? I want to come!


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