In my eight years as a fitness professional I have heard them ALL. “My dog is sick.” “I am swamped at work.” “I hate working out!” or “I rather sleep than sweat.” I get it. We all make excuses for why we can’t exercise, and while some are legit most are bogus. So, keep reading and learn how to combat the most popular fitness cop-outs.

Excuse #1: “I don’t have time.”
Oooh yall if I got a dollar every time I heard this one I would be a millionaire. Billionaire even. This excuse is definitely massive and therefore requires some serious ammunition. First, stop waiting for time and start making it. Schedule your workouts like meetings. You wouldn’t tell your boss that you “didn’t have time” for your annual review. Why? Because advancement and a possible raise would be in danger if you did. So treat your workouts with the same respect and advance your health to a new level. And lastly, stop thinking of working out as “one” moment. Mini active moments throughout the day are just as beneficial as one long one. Key word being “moment.” Do what you can when you can and consistently make the time.

Excuse #2: “It’s so boring.”
The fitness industry is so hot right now for one reason: The vast array of options folks! The imaginations of professional hard bodies have gone wild and the benefactor recipient in this case is you RADical! Creative workouts are popping up everyday so all you have to do is find one (or a few) that work for you. Here’s how: Infuse some creativity and adventure into your fitness regimen by trying out as many new and different workouts as you can in one month. It’s like dating, if you keep putting yourself out there and are willing to try new things, then you are bound to find something you really love!

Excuse #3: “I’m too tired.”
Unless you are sick, you have enough energy to exercise. All you need to do is tap into it. Can you imagine how much of life is missed waiting “to feel” like doing something? Initial motivation cannot alter your destination. Don’t be fooled. Just because I am a lover of all things sweaty doesn’t mean I always “feel like” working out. Sometimes I have to brainwash myself into a sweat session. The narrative usually goes a little something like this, “Yo Rob, just go for 10 minutes. If you hate it then you can leave.” 9 out of 10 times a surge of energy shows up and carries me through far more than 10 minutes. Oh and P.S. I have never experienced a workout that I regretted in the end. So show up now so you can show off later. Getting there is half (sometimes the entire) battle.


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