It’s that time of the month and you have to cancel on your trainer yet again – because your cramps are on ten! Story of most of our female sweaty lives. Well, since your Aunt Flow will probably continue to make her monthly visits I have done us all a solid and checked in with PMS expert and founder of Girl UninterruptedMayling Kajiya. You are going to love these tips on how we can still get our sweat on while our distant relative is in town.

#1 Just Be Flexible

When you’re suffering from PMS symptoms the best thing you can do is stretch it out sis. Stretches that contort you actually help loosen the lower back and abdominal region. So next time your cramps have you curled over, curl up into these two stretches:

1) The Cramp-Crushing Forward Bend- Start in a seated upright position, open your legs into a straddle position (approximately 3 feet apart). Inhale and sit tall, then exhale and hinge forward at the hips (using your arms like a kickstand). Bend as far forward as you comfortably can. Hold for 1-3 minutes.

2) Spine Arch- Start on all fours, exhale and gently curl your spine so that your tailbone and the crown of your head point down toward the floor and your stomach pulls up into your lower back. Next, inhale and arch your spine in the opposite direction, drawing your back, crown of your head and tailbone up towards the ceiling. Repeat this movement 10X.

#2 Go Natural

And I don’t mean grow out a fro. Natural in the sense of how you remedy your PMS and menstrual pain. Often times cramping and crankiness makes you want to sprint to the medicine cabinet, however before you burn rubber down the hall consider incorporating nutrients with iron (like spinach or red meat) or tryptophan (found in whole grains or yogurt) into your diet. Your cramps will stay at bay longer with these inclusions as opposed to just for 2-3 hours (Hello over the counter drugs ). Sound too complicated? Simplify it then with Mayling Kajiya’s all-natural supplement, Girl Uninterrupted. With natural ingredients and essential amino acids packed inside you will be off to the gym in no time.

#3 Curb Your Cravings

The cravings we experience during our cycle can easily takes us from Princess Health Nut to Queen Cray Cray. You know what I am talking about. That moment when you almost knock over the produce display in your local grocery store’s entrance in hopes of snagging your favorite ice cream or potato chips. Don’t be ashamed…it happens (once a month to be exact). These cravings are normal, and if you are looking for someone to blame redirect that finger point from your man and aim it towards your hormones.

As estrogen levels fluctuate, so do levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The body wants to keep these levels even, so it turns on the fight or flight response which causes us to crave specific foods (usually carbohydrates or fats). The best way to overcome these cravings without turning to the junk food aisle is to identify your cravings and supplement them with healthier (yet delicious) alternatives. So if you’re normally noshing on carbs like chips, it might be an indication that your serotonin levels are low – so turn instead to a fruit/yogurt based smoothie or red meat to boost your tryptophan levels (which help balance serotonin).

See you next month Aunt Flow! How do keep it sweaty and sassy when you’re moody?


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