As a real life sweaty thespian I literally died and went to “FitGirl Actress Heaven” when I had the chance to chat with one of the most respected stunt performers in Hollywood, Gaëlle Cohen. Recently featured in the award-winning box office smash “Zero Dark Thirty,” Gaëlle’s stunts have been receiving industry acclaim for their breathtaking craft and gritty realism. So do you want to learn what it takes to be such a hard core boss like Ms. Cohen? Then keep reading and learn how to take your healthy fun life to award winning levels too.

Sweaty Sampling For Success

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of stunt woman is strength beyond words. So when I asked Ms. Cohen what her training for being a stunt woman was like, I was not surprised to hear the laundry list she rattled off: Circus school, trapeze training, motorcycle riding, fencing, skydiving, horse back riding, swimming, martial arts and so much more. Sounds like fun right? So that’s the key RADicals, in order to prep for and star in your role as “The Healthiest Chick Ever,” you must partake in some sweaty sampling. Change it up, try new things, and keep it fun. Physical activity is so beyond the gym sis so get your adventures exploration on.

Be About That Life

So you clearly see that Cohen is about that FitGirl life right? However, it is more than just the sweaty things she does that has made her so successful. It is her entire lifestyle- and to that I double clap, high five and low five this truth under the leg. What we eat affects our moods, our moods affect our performance and our performance affects our levels of success. You see it is all connected. So once you start seeing your health as a lifestyle, real change in every area of your life will begin to happen. Simply put, health (like beauty) is only skin deep. Who cares what the outside looks like if the inside is subpar. Everything you do in your day has an impact on your body, so take my new friend Gaëlle Cohen’s advice and “be about that life.”

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

And again and again. This advice from Cohen is what left me wanting to fly to LA just to grab a cocktail with her. I could literally feel her resilience and fearlessness through her voice and was so encouraged. One, by her ability to rise above the haters. Did you know that being a female stunt woman in an male dominated industry isn’t easy? She told me how one time one of the male stunt coordinators in France told her, “A female coordinator? That will happen when pigs will fly.” And to that she said, “Oh really? Well watch me.” Come on She-power! And it gets better. When Cohen was working on a movie called Labyrinth (2003) she broke her entire leg after jumping onto a car from a rooftop in order to escape. These types of injuries usually end careers (mostly because of fear), but not Cohen’s. She recovered and came back stronger than before….to the tune of 10 more years (and is totally still going strong). So to that RADicals I say: No excuses. Now go forth and be fearlessly healthy!


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