When it comes to losing weight the math is simple. 1+1=2. Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss.  You have to burn more than you consume in order to see results, and this “truth” is why I recommend health journaling from the get go. Writing things down provides not only accountability but awareness (who knew that handful of M&M’s you take from your co-workers desk has been setting you back 200 calories a day). Hands down, straight up, and real talk – health journaling works. So when I received this advice from Jenn Zerling’s book Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools – I had to share. Make sure these five tips are included in your health journaling journey and you will be living in the land of “results” before you know it!

If You Bite It…Write It.

Honesty is the best policy. When you take the time to write down everything that comes in contact with your chompers the discoveries can be groundbreaking. Many people underestimate how many calories they are consuming daily. Whether it be too many or too few, the body creates a memory of it and performs accordingly. When you starve the body the metabolism “slows down” and your chances of dropping those last stubborn pounds “speeds up.” So if you bite it, write it. Track your frequency of meals, protein, healthy fats, low glycemic fruit and vegetable consumption and find balance once and for all.

Jog it out. Jot it down. 

What does your workout regimen look like? Non existent, same old same old each week, or speed shopping? Whatever it is map out your workouts the way you would a trip. Before GPS came into our lovely lives you had to either call for directions or browse an actual map. Treat your physical activity the same. Write it out and work it out…and after you jog it out, jot it down. By seeing what your workouts look like alongside your food consumption you may find your way to the land of “results” much faster. Keep things fresh, fun, and frequent my friend.

Count Sheep…Or The Hours You Sleep. 

Yes we all get 24 hours a day, but are you resting enough of those hours? By tracking the amount of hours you get each day and the quality of your slumber you can quickly identify the barriers that may be holding you back from optimal rest. Our body’s cells repair during sleep, as Zerling wrote in tool #29 of her book. So if your shuteye time is limited, then that repair time is limited too. And guess what else is affected? Your weight loss efforts. So shut those lights out so you can finally snooze and lose.

Drink To It. 

Water on deck always. The amount of H2O we swallow is the conduit for every cellular process in our body.  Without water, your engine can’t run, your brain function declines and your fat loss comes to a standstill. So flush things out with at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces a day.

Unload. Unleash. Emotional Release. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff. The stresses of family, work and life can put a burden on our “get fit, get healthy” journey. However it’s not “what” happens to us that matters…it is “how” we react that does. As a busy FitGirl I am always adding to my “emergency contact” list (and I am not referring to people). Activities such as yoga, meditation, running, and cooking instantly relax me. So when the going gets tough I get one (or sometimes several) of these things going. What’s your outlet? Create an “emergency contact” list and you will always be able to find the exit when in the land of “stress.”


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