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30 Before 30 For The FitGirl

“Goodbye 20’s hello 30’s.” Whether you’re singing this with glee on mountaintops or slouched over crying, whatever you do don’t enter this third decade without addressing your beloved body and health. I personally couldn’t wait to be 30. I had so much fun reading all the “lists” out there prepping hot chicks for the big 3-0 it was silly (Glamour’s was fantastic)! But in all honesty, I have to admit that when I read the one for “black” women that Essence released, I finished reading it with a turned up lip and boiling blood. I was soooo mad. Are you kidding me?! Not one single “tip” addressed physical health?! So in my furry I created my own. Yes. I. Did! I am living proof of the undeniable power of having a strong healthy body and lifestyle…so here is my gift to you sis. Enjoy!


#1 Sweating is the new sexy.

Embrace it. Do it. Your body and mind will love it.

#2 Stop living under the lie of “I am just naturally thin, I have a fast metabolism.”

Skinny fat is still fat. And fat is unhealthy. So stop flaunting your good genes and get active.

#3 Speaking of lies. “Big bones” are about as real as unicorns.

So stop this lie too. Thick is one thing. But a body fat percentage over 30% is another.

#4 Your fly hairdo can kill you!

That blowout won’t save you from diabetes, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease. So invest in your body this decade as much as you invest in your hair and STOP letting your hair disrupt your healthy.

#5 Cut the strings on yo-yo dieting once and for all.

The lemonade diet may work for Beyonce, but it is wreaking havoc on your bod lady. Your body is super confused when you go from downing a whole pizza to drinking a cayenne pepper concoction ONLY. So give. It. Up.

#6 Throwback workouts welcomed!

Remember when you were 19 and you would sweat your hair out at college parties? Create an awesome playlist in memory of those days and work it out with that same gusto. This my friend is cardio.

#7 Plan this thang out.

You are where you are in your career because of the goals you set and the dream you refused to give up on. Therefore create a plan for improving your health with this same attitude….plan plan plan and don’t give up.

#8 Eat fruits and vegetables every day.

That is sans cooking them in bacon fat or adding them to a sherbet based smoothie. With all the organic and locally grown goodness out there, there truly is no excuse.

#9 Stop skipping breakfast.

Your momma didn’t tolerate it and you shouldn’t either. Simple as that sis.

#10 Start gossiping for “good.”

Tell everyone you know that you are committing to improving your health and stop talking about how annoying your boss is every other day. Good gossip is healthy.

#11 Hollatcha your girls.

You grab drinks together, shop together, and even vacay together. So this decade, add sweating together to the list.

#12 Go to the doctor…

And not just your OB/GYN. Get screened for the things you ignored in your 20’s. Like your skin, blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc.

#13 Sweat in the name of love!

Do workouts that you love and nothing else. You have been on earth long enough to know that doing things you don’t enjoy don’t last. If its not in your heart….don’t even start.

#14 Be flexible.

Stretch it out sis. You may not be able to do the Chinese splits anymore, but a limber body is a healthy body. Flexibility is one of the first things to go, so this decade around take a few minutes to stretch things out or add a yoga class to your weekly regimen.

#15 Throw some weights around.

Strength train already. Here’s another lie to abolish: “I don’t lift weights because I will bulk up.” Impossible. Unless you are pumping some serious iron and are on steroids you will not bulk up woman. We are not genetically built to do so, so bicep curl to that.

#16 Stop drinking your calories.

The binge drinking your did in your 20’s is plain sloppy in your 30’s. Stop. It.

#17 Step out of the salt and pepper box.

Instead learn how to season your food using a variety of fresh herbs. This will not only help limit your sodium intake but will expand your palate in a beautiful way.

#18 Honor your shoe fetish ASAP.

Go for it, buy new shoes. Athletic shoes are like tires, after so many miles they wear down. I know Cole Haan has Nike Air technology in them now and Converse are super cute on the weekends, but what you need is a hard core athletic shoe. So get fitted for the right pair and invest in them now.

#19 Skip skipping meals.

So not wasup in this coming decade. Your metabolism is going to naturally start to slow down, so eat every 3-4 hours. Period.

#20 Get your rear in new gear.

Burn your college T-shirts and 2XL sweat pants. When you look good you feel good. So step into the gym with the same fashion effort you would step into the office with.

#21 Find the right sports bra.

Did you know that your girls can bounce up to 21cm each workout?! Whoa. Tie them chicks down with the right support for your activity level. Double up if you need to, and no matter what, chuck and replace them things every 72 washes…the elasticity is definitely gone by then.

#22 Cook.

If you don’t know how, learn. The best way to monitor what goes into your body is to prepare it yourself. This decade snatch back your health. Straight out the hands of McDonalds, Chipotle, and Popeyes.

#23 Push yourself.

If you have been power walking 20 minutes, followed by 100 crunches and 50 lunges EVERY time you workout…I suggest you leave that tired routine in your 20’s. The body is smart and in your case probably bored. So shake things up and watch the results sprint their way in.

#24 Serve it up like Serena!

As in pay attention to serving sizes. A handful of nuts and a drizzle of olive oil can get out of hand. And this consistent negligence WILL pack on the pounds over time. So don’t be fooled and start to measure things this decade.

#25 Party at Club H20!

Drink more water and swap out those sugary drinks. You will not only save massive calories but your skin will thank you for it with a healthy and youthful glow. Get your ID ready honey because bartenders will be carding you worldwide.

#26 Confront your emotions and stop eating them…

Figure out what is allying you and find a healthy way to deal in your 30’s. “Ben” doesn’t have the answers and neither does “Jerry.”

#27 Reward yourself!

When you did a good job at work last year you got a bonus. Change your body under those same standards and finally run that 5K. And then when your done, jog right over to Macy’s and snag that new handbag.

#28 Carbs are not the enemy.

When you were in your 20’s low carbs were in. Guess what? Now they are OUT. Yessss (fist pump)! Get on board.

#29 D up shawty!

Ok…you’re lactose intolerant so you don’t do milk. Got it. But vitamin D deficiency is real…especially in women. Resulting in weak bones, low energy, and mood swings (move over PMS). So don’t be “that girl,” and get more Vitamin D in your life by eating Vitamin D enriched foods or by taking a multivitamin which provides at least the daily value (400 IU).

#30 Get healthy for YOU…

Last but certainly not least: Get your health right for you! Not to snag a husband. Not to be the baddest chick on the block. Not to be a size 4 again. But for YOU. You deserve to be the best version of your self this decade…mind, body, and soul!

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