Has “I want to get in shape,” or “I want to lose weight,” been your New Year’s resolution for the last (fill in the blank) years? Well let’s make 2015 the last year you utter these words hunnie. Get results and resolve to have a different resolution come 2016 with these “RESULT” oriented tips.

R (Redesign Your Purpose)

January will be solid, February will be okay, and come March the gym will be wondering if you relocated. Sad but true, I see this same scenario happen time and time again every new year. Don’t want to be that guy/gal in 2015? Well here’s the secret: start with a solid purpose. The “why” has to be huge so that when the excuses and tough days start to roll in you are ready to fight for your plan. For example, “I want to have more energy to keep up with my kids” is stronger than “I want to make all the other mom’s jealous at PTA meetings.” Make getting healthy about you and how it will affect the people and things closest to you and the results will come sprinting in.

E (Elevate Your Thoughts)

Ditch the self trash talk once and for all. The second reason people don’t succeed in reaching their fitness goals is they don’t believe in themselves. My number one motto is “the body follows the mind.” Getting fit is hard enough (in the beginning) as it is, so the last thing you need to do is be your own worst critic. Surround yourself with positive self talk and unlock the power of positivity in your new fit/healthy life. It’s magical what happens when you clean up your thoughts…trust me.

S (Schedule It)

Hoping is hopeless, so instead of saying, “I will workout 3 times a week in 2014,” say, “I will work out on Tuesdays in the morning, Thursdays after work and Saturday mornings.” By being specific and by scheduling it you are greatly increasing the chances of greeting 2015 with a smaller waistline than if you just “hoped” you could. So kick Mr.Vagueness to the curb and show up now so you can show off later!

U (Understand You May Fail)

No, I am not condoning negative thoughts or telling you that you should plan to fail. What I am saying though is that when “you know what” hits the fan you better be ready to hit back.  Having a plan for the unplanned is key when it comes to winning in the end. Say your girlfriends try and convince you to order the unlimited drinks option at brunch when you know one or two is all you need…what are you going to say? Perhaps you still plan on hosting Monday night football at your bachelor pad in 2014…what are you going to do when wings are staring you in the face week in and week out? Make an escape plan for every situation possible so when temptations arise you are absolutely ready.

L (Look For Inspiration)

This step is actually easy due to social media. There are a lot of us who eat, drink and sleep fitness (ahem), so why not piggyback on our sweaty coattails already. Keeping your eyes, mind and time fixed on people and things that are aligned with your goal is one sure way to stay accountable and on track. Not in to pumping your thumbs on a handheld device all day? Take your Fitspiration live then. Find a friend who is down for the cause and elect them as your “I need your help for sure” partner. When two or more gather together…results are in the midst. Real talk.

T (Take It One Goal At A Time)

Another reason people end up ditching their new year’s resolution come February is because they took on too much too soon. So if you have a laundry list of resolutions, cut that sucker down into many small goals instead. Then commit to tackling only one at a time. You want your focus to be sharp, not scattered. Another option is making one goal a ton of mini goals. Instead of saying, “I will run a half marathon before the end of the year,” sign up for a 5K in the spring, then a 10K in the summer etc. Taking baby steps is a more realistic approach, so this year dive in and backstroke so you don’t end up doggy paddling come swimsuit season.

S (Show Off Your Success)

I love a good show off! Truly. Self indulgent behavior is welcomed when it comes to your success if you ask me. You worked hard, so now celebrate hard. Do this and do this often. For example, if you decide to have “Meat Free Monday’s” twice a month, and you really had a veggie burger instead of a double cheeseburger for three months straight, then go ahead and buy those new pots and pans. Making your rewards specific to your goal will make you want to push harder, go stronger and win! I’m telling you: it’s the several victories in battle that will help you win the war.


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