Do you love money? And are you for real for real determined to lose weight this year? Then this story is for you. According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, those with financial incentives are 36% more likely to stick with a weight loss program and lose nearly four times as much weight. Dieters waging money in a group competition lose even more weight – three times more than those with financial incentives alone, according to a University of Michigan study. I’m telling you, the scale don’t lie. So put your money where your sweat is and lose to win!

Risk A Little, Still Lose A Lot

Playing with money is no joke, so if you want to dip your toe into this option before diving all the way in, trust me, I totally understand. Here’s how- -start small and make it personal. For instance, if you have to have a new Michael Kors bag every season…then make yourself earn it. Create an “I did it” account and every time you lose a pound deposit $10-20 dollars. Over time you will not only be a size smaller but you will have a hot new handbag to prove it. I can hear you already, “Bootcamp class?! I got $10 on it!”

Invest In Others By Investing In Yourself

Another excellent way to cash in on something positive is to pledge a certain amount of money to a charity or organization that you care about. Losing 10lbs in honor of a $100 donation for say, a cancer research fund, is an incredible way to demonstrate both community and self love. When the going gets tough you can remind yourself that “it’s not all about you,” and the “gain is greater than the pain!” Runner’s have been doing this forever in regard to races. So join the fun and create a charity based challenge for yourself.

Challenge The World RADical

The higher the cost, the greater the risk! So if you are truly down to sweat like you won the lotto then I double dog dare you to holla at Meltdown Challenges. This innovative site helps you find and connect with like-minded folks who are also trying to lose weight. It is easy–you lose pounds and you win money. Here’s how it works. To join a challenge everyone puts money into a winner’s pool. Each challenge has a specific weight loss goal, from 2% to 5% of your starting weight. You have a set amount of time to lose that weight. When the challenge ends, every challenger who has hit that goal splits the winner’s pool. Hashtag boom! For more information, visit


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