Hands down, no questions asked our first lady Michelle Obama is simply the best. So on her special day I thought I would give you the ultimate gift from our countries ultimate fit girl.

1) Rise and Shine.

While most of us are entering our second dream Michelle Obama is up and running. Literally. She works out ever day starting at either 4:30 or 5:00 a.m.; getting her sweat on before Sasha and Malia (and POTUS) wakes up. Can you say, “No excuses!” People who sweat first thing in the morning are more likely to stick to their workout routine. Less conflicts, less distractions….more results.

2) Short and Sweet.

So now that you are up before the sun here is the key: Get it in and knock it out. Short high intensity workouts are where it’s at. Not only will you save major time but you’ll also burn major calories. Michelle’s daily workout takes 1 hour max and that is all you need too. So come out the gate strong, resting only when needed and get on to your day boo.

3) Strong Arm It.

The first thing we all think of when we think of our first lady is her arms of steel. You think she came out the womb that way? Nope. She works hard for those highly coveted stems. Her secret? Dynamic multi functional movement. There are 23 muscles in each arm (not including the shoulder or the hands) so the best exercises are the ones that involve several of them at once. So add a overhead press to your bicep curls or hit the floor and bang out some push ups.

4) Get On Your Good Foot.

The country went wild when first lady Michelle did The Dougie with those DC students at Alice Dean Middle School. She was having fun while getting fit and you can too. No matter how you decide to get your sweat on the key is to make it fun and get it done. Being bored in the gym is so not what’s up.

5) Clean and Green.

Two green thumbs up for the first lady encouraging her family and the country to eat clean. The planting of the white house garden has been such an inspiration to us all by showing us how fun eating healthy can be. In the fitness biz there is no secret that maintaining and obtaining a healthy weight is 20% exercise 80% diet. So keep it clean and green by eating tons of produce that comes from the ground not a can or an oil bath.


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