Before you open up your medicine cabinet, step into your kitchen. It’s no secret that food can effect the way we feel and function, but certain foods are just straight brown nosing goodie two shoes! Modern science has confirmed your mother’s classic advice: eat up and you’ll get a boost. So keep reading and get ready to feel better, look better and straight up be better with these power foods.

Problem #1: I can’t sleep!

If you find that night in and night out you are tossing and turning, then a late night morsel may be just what you need. Not eating before bed is a rule you should consider breaking since small snacks that include complex carbohydrates tend to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Need a little more snooze power? Then try sipping on a glass of tart cherry juice. This super fruit is high in melatonin, a hormone that signals the body to go to sleep, so having a swig 30 minutes before bedtime is a great idea too.

Problem #2: I’m an emotional mess! 

If you feel like you are on an endless emotional roller coaster start saying no to stress and yes to breakfast. People who eat within an hour or two of waking up have a more even mood throughout the rest of the day,” says Somer. Make that first meal of the day solid RADicals by including whole grains to supply glucose for your brain, protein to satisfy hunger and one or two antioxidant-rich fruits or vegetables.

Problem #3: My skin is acting a fool!

There’s nothing worse than going through puberty twice. Adult acne feels like such a cruel joke and it may leave you wanting to shed a tear or two. Well shed a different kind of tear next time your skin starts acting up by eating more onions. The antioxidants that this tear-jerking veggie offers is known to reduce the inflammation that leads to acne. Plus the sulfur in onions is super detoxifying. All these benefits are most potent when eaten raw or lightly cooked so bon appetit hun.

Problem #4: I’m bloated!

When you’re feeling puffy dig in to juicy fruits and vegetables. Consuming foods like melon, cucumber and celery is a superb way to give your system a solid flush suggests Elizabeth Somer, RD and author of Food & Mood. Wondering why? Well since we tend to OD on sodium our bodies retain water in order to dilute the blood to a sodium concentrate. However eating produce with high water content helps facilitate the dilution process. Bye bye bloating.

Problem #5: I have unbearable PMS!

PMS woes can really set a sista back right? Well stay on track during your next monthly visit from Aunt Flow with iron. Low levels of this marvelous mineral can really make you feel blah, so next time you feel that monthly madness coming on get your daily dose by eating 1 cup of an iron-fortified cereal, white beans or fresh spinach.



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