Valentine’s Day is often times dreadful for many and exciting for others. It all depends on what camp you reside in–camp single or camp booed up. But I am here to remind you that your status and your ability to love and feel loved are not connected. So this year, no matter if your dream lover is on stage with you or somewhere in the wings or worse, at the wrong theater, be the headliner you were born to be and love on your first love this V Day…YOU!

Take A Mental Health Day.

Many of us go, go, go day in and day out and rarely take a day to just “be.” But I am a firm believer that recharging is the key to true success, and to prove so, I take a “Robbie Day” every 10-12 days. On this day, I do everything I want and nothing else. It usually involves sleeping in, visiting my favorite coffee shop, window shopping, a matinee movie, lunch in the park, a massage or mani/pedi (sometimes both if I am feeling super indulgent) and a quiet dinner some place new. At first these days felt strange and lonely, but now I look forward to these days. Nothing beats an entire day where you can be alone, recharge, process and just simply be. I’m telling you it’s absolutely lovely.

Let Me Upgrade Ya.

Ok so you may not be ready or comfortable taking a whole day to yourself. Fine. Try starting small then. Add a little icing to your mundane pound cake routine and treat yourself sans the guilt. For instance, if you always get a small coffee on your way to work, indulge a bit and g’wan ahead and get that drink that takes some strong breath capacity to order…you know the one: Tall double shot espresso in a Grande cup steamed soy milk 1.5 pumps of hazelnut syrup extra hot blah blah blah. Or, when your nail lady asks if you want to add a 10 minute massage to your mani, resist the urge to do the math in your head and just say YEP. Little upgrades every once in a while go a long way so go for it!

Share The Love.

The other day I came across this awesome quote, “When you make someone else happy, their joy makes you joyful.” Beautiful right? So this V-Day, I challenge you to share the love with the people in your life (or strangers) that need it the most. Maybe you send flowers to that homegirl that is going through a breakup? Or you give that homeless man on your corner a few Hershey Kisses along with that handful of change? The options are limitless. Be creative and get ready to feel how warm and fuzzy kindness truly is. Loving others is definitely an extension of loving ourselves.


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