Yoga is fun with one but even better with two! I am a newbie yogi so I am trying to fake it until I make it with my own wanna be bendy body, however when I went to the world’s largest and fastest growing yoga festivalWanderlust my desire to team up in order to shape up changed.

Watching couples get their flex on together was lovely, super cool to watch and surprisingly doable. However before I recruited another body to deepen my downward dog I sought out some expert advice: Behavioral Health & Fitness Expert Jeff Halevy and yoga and fitness coach to New York professional athletes Gwen Lawrence have geared up and built this at-home couple workout for two. Take a look. Grab another body, your mat, a little courage and enjoy! P.S. Like all new fitness challenges…work at your own level.

Before You Roll Out Your Mat…Know This

When doing partner yoga always chose a partner who is in your size range for maximum benefit. If a partner is too large, too small, too tall or too short for you there will be minimum benefit.  You will spend the whole time compensating for the mismatch instead of being able to enjoy the stretch to its max. Make sure to wear clothing that is not cumbersome or too loose, and for maximum comfort chose someone you know and trust as well.

Pose #1: Double Down Dog (Advanced Beginner)


Sounds more like a poker term than yoga…this pose is great for the person in down dog to gently persuade them into a deeper pose yet supporting the low back, at the same time because partner yoga should be beneficial to both participants the second person is working the abs, through stability work and you are sure to feel a great arm upper body drain.  This is a great prep position for beginners who have intention of learning handstands one day.

Pose #2:  Double Child’s Pose (Beginner)


This pose does a lot more than it looks like it does the body yogi in child’s pose is elongated and relieving the back muscles and deepening stretch in their hip sockets.  Just remain calm and breathe. The person on the top gets to do a mild supported backbend.  This feels amazing because it is the opposite of our desk work posture, expands the chest and most days I get a good back crack out of it …breath in sync with each other.

Pose #3:  Double Flat Back (Beginner)


This does the same for each yogi, and a clear example of why you need to be similar in size or else you would pull each other off line.  it stretches the hamstring and back and shoulders, another great instance of things to do after a tough work day to elongate and stretch tired strained backs and shoulders.

About Wanderlust: Wanderlust Festival, LLC is a producer of large-scale lifestyle festival events focusing on yoga, music and wellness. The largest and fastest growing yoga and music platform, Wanderlust’s core mission is to create community around mindful living. Mindful living is a conscious, value-based approach to leading a balanced & fulfilling life. We focus on yoga, eating well, being green, practicing purpose in our partnerships, creating awareness, showcasing art, and encouraging adventure.


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