I would be lying to you if I didn’t say, “I am so pumped about the Super Bowl this year!” Living in the host city has taken my excitement to another level, and while I look forward to all the beer and grub, I am determined to make this Sunday as healthy and sweaty as possible. 

Hail Mary! Live A Little

Super Bowl comes only once a year, so don’t be trying to brink green juice to your friends party. Enjoy yourself. One flag on the play day doesn’t mean you are going to lose the whole game. So here’s the deal: be picky and splurge wisely. Decide what you are going to indulge in and stick to the plan. If you are set to have two beers, five wings, two slices of pizza etc. you will be way more grounded once the delivery guy arrives. So what do you say…let’s hail mary this one and have some fun (in moderation) this year.

Tackle This Food Swap

A Super Bowl without wings and something to dip them in would just be foolish. So don’t take these crowd pleasers of your party’s menu just yet. Instead of frying the wings, bake them, and instead of dunking them in high calorie and high fat blue cheese, coat them with this double duty sauce:

Creamy Buffalo Sauce

1 (8 ounce) package fat free cream cheese, softened-

1/2 cup hot sauce

1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese

1/4 cup fat free ranch dressing

1/4 cup fat-free Greek yogurt

Heat all the following via stove top. Coat your baked wings and enjoy.

Cheers To Beers

Impress your friends with this beer-tail and you might be the face behind next year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Beer Time Add Lime

2 parts light lager

1 part limeade


Sliced ginger

Mix 2 parts light lager with 1 part limeade. Serve it over ice with sliced ginger and welcome the applause. Cheers!

Back Those Commercials Up Like A Line Backer

I love a good sweat, and I know you do too…so I created a quick Super Bowl themed workout to help you get it in and win this weekend. Do each move for 1 minute for a quick half time workout, or invite your teammates- I mean houseguest- to join in on the fun by making a game out of it. Simply write each exercise’s name on a piece of paper and then draw them one by one on during commercial breaks. Pow- I see you RADical!

Behave On Monday

Okay, last tip- now that you’ve sweated it out and recreated your favorite snacks, understand this- Monday can’t be manic! “If you allow yourself to enjoy the Super Bowl and splurge, make sure on Monday morning you refocus! Eat all three meals, snacks when needed, and make sure all the things that pass through your lips are made with ingredients you can process in your mind. That means no processed/fast food yall.


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