(originally written August 22, 2012)

This morning I went for a run….set out on a trail that I’ve ran 1,000 times before…only to fall 15 minutes into my stride. I was shocked and hurt. Someone saw me fall and ran back to check on me. I was grateful for their willingness to help and eventually got up to continue my run. 10 minutes later I noticed several barricades blocking my path. Feeling defeated from my fall and this forced change of direction I almost turned around and went home. However determined to finish that what I set out to do, I ran a trail I’ve never ran before…trusting that I would eventually end up where I needed to be.

My Prayer:

“Thank you God for interrupting our ordinary comforts, for the courage to get back up after we fall, and for the people in our lives who are there to help us when we are down. May continue to endure, even when the direction of life unexpectedly changes. May we always have peace in knowing that if we don’t give up we will end up exactly where we are supposed to be.”



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