(originally written September 18, 2012)

Most of my close friends and clients know that I have had intense lower back pain for almost a year. I have no idea where this pain came from and have tried several things in order to correct it. The one thing I do know is that lower back pain is often connected to weakness in the hips. I am correcting this area and gaining more flexibility and strength day by day.

However despite the pain, in the past year I have also ran 9 races (will be 10 on Saturday)….and when I run I feel NO pain in my back. This blows my mind each time and I have never ran so fast in my life. Some races I feel like I am flying and the exhilaration is both freeing yet terrifying (I am afraid I am going to fall). However “I choose to surrender” to the freedom and ignore the fear…and the faster I run the better I feel…

In the midst of my sweat all I can think to do is praise cause here I am yet again falling in love with how our fitness circumstances often reflect our lives…

My Prayer:

“Thank you God for the unknown pain we may be experiencing in our lives. Grant us the courage to endure and the diligence to identify what weaknesses we must correct in order to be strong in the midst of it all. We are grateful for EVERYthing in our lives today….with confidence that there is a blessing in both our current discomforts and comforts. We trust that freedom conquers fear. We choose to surrender because we believe You are able!”



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