Everyone loves a new year. A new chance. A new opportunity. A new challenge. And for the last three years I have started the year diving head first into one incredible 4 month challenge: the More/Fitness Half Marathon. I love the she-power, energy and beyond physical rewards of this women’s only race. It’s my drug and I’m addicted.

However when I registered for my third half marathon on January 7, 2013 I realized that I may be making a donation to my favorite race this year instead of actually running it. Three weeks prior my physical therapist said I should take a couple months off from running since it appeared that my back injury was worsening. This seemed insane. Hearing the words “can’t” and “run” in the same sentence felt like a FitGirl’s death sentence.

When bad news comes our way we have two choices. To accept it and stand still? Or to accept it and move forward. I chose the latter, followed by a strong dose of my own medicine:

“Change your mind. Change your body. Change your life.”

I vowed to meet my body where it was that day (not where I wish it was or where it used to be). I decided that despite my circumstances I would be in the moment and do my best. And because I first reenergized my mind, my body eventually followed suite. I made my healing my top priority…and my top belief. I sought out a wide range of professional advice/treatment and never stopped training. Some workouts were strong. Some were weak. Some were hard, and some were a breeze. However no matter what the outcome was I always entered and left each workout with the same attitude about my body and it’s ability. “Being able to show up is both a blessing and an honor. Believe in this moment.”

So when I laced up my sneakers this past Sunday morning I said 2 things. 1) Thank you God for this moment. 2) No matter what happens in between the start and the finish line I know one thing…for 13.1 miles I will do my best. And I did! I took each mile as it came and in 2:00:04 I crossed the finish line with a smile on my face, peace and gratitude in my heart, and not an ounce of pain in my body!

My Prayer:

“Thank you God for showing us that although we may have to sit the bench in life sometimes…if we don’t lose faith, commit to do our best, and never give up we will not only get back in the game, but we will win! Thank you for thinking enough of us that you wont let us stay the same. May we always be challenged and therefore changed.”




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