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Don’t Sleep On The Power Of Sleep

Sorry I’ve been away. I’ve been asleep.

Quick Confession: I have spent the last few years with insomnia.

In fact, I can count on one hand the number of nights that I’ve enjoyed a night of “sound sleep.” I know this sounds terrible, however over these last few years, I have found a system that has help combat these consistent nights of tossing and turning.

Think – caffeine, daily naps and late nights of either working or playing games on my phone until I can fall back asleep.

Okay, this IS terrible. Correction – WAS terrible.

I recently came across ORB Sleep Complex – a intelligent (keep reading) vitamin that has transformed not only the way I rest but my overall beliefs on supplements. As many of you know, because of my eating disorder history, I am very weary of anything that comes in the form of a magic pill or a quick fix.

However, once I realized that the innovation and ingredients of ORB Wellness‘ products were directly aligned with my doctor’s suggestions and certain vitamin deficiencies that were affecting my energy levels, I was glad to welcome the ORB Sleep Complex into my life.

With that said, here is more on how it has helped me no longer “sleep on the power of sleep.”

Yes, I wasn’t sleeping all night most nights. But I was definitely making up for lost time by taking daily naps. Or, so I thought. Every single day during the work week I wake up at 5:30 a.m. – usually groggy and downing as much coffee as possible to get through teaching two to three classes, as well as mustering up enough energy to squeeze in a workout of my own. Only to realize that by noon, just like a pre-schooler, I needed to take a nap. Always planned as a 15 minute cat nap. But sometimes lasting for two or more hours.

Your girl was tired!

That was until I experienced the power of the ORB Sleep Complex dual delivery system. Think all the essential minerals and vitamins necessary for optimal rest packed into one capsule.

Melatonin and Valerian help you fall asleep faster and the essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang help improve your quality of sleep – which was super appealing since I would still have restless nights after falling asleep with melatonin alone in the past.

But here is the best part – it is the Vitamin B12 that provides the energy I need to not only wake up refreshed (P.S. my morning coffee is now a luxury not a necessity), but also, thanks to the Time-Release with TERRA Intelligent Dosing®, the benefits of this super vitamin complex are released through out the night (not all at once like melatonin alone).

Combined, this intelligent capsule has the sustaining power to keep me energized all through out the day. Hello no more midday naps.

Overall, thanks to the ORB Sleep Complex, I feel like a super human. I am so grateful to be able to finally not only fall asleep, but stay asleep AND wake up refreshed.

Low on energy? Dealing with insomnia? Dependent on naps? Check out the ORB Sleep Complex, available now in Costco locations on the West Coast as well as on

* While this post was sponsored by ORB Wellness in support of their ORB Sleep Complex launch, all the views shared above are my own. In no way shape of form should this post serve as a medical suggestion or substitute for a proper evaluation from your doctor.

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