Well RADicals, we are officially less than 30 days away from summer 2014 and very close to the half way point of the year too! So, if you have fallen off your New Year’s resolutions, then this story is for you. The perfect plan is nice however I suggest you just start…even if you think you’re not ready.

1. Be Clear

Indirect goals never lead to direct results. So if your goal has not been specific then it may be time to get clear. For instance, your not “trying to lose 10lbs…” you are “clocking at least three workouts a week at the gym.” The more specific you are the better- concrete goals lead to concrete steps. So let’s get down to the business of being clear yall so we can “start” seeing results already.

2. Stop Guessing & Google

Back in the day before resources were plentiful, ignorance and bliss used to roll together – however today’s a new day. Not knowing something is normal, so if your goal requires expert help then I suggest you seek it. There is no need to try and develop your own workout regimen when there are plenty fitness professionals in the streets dying to help you reach your goals. Wink wink. So stop trying to be superwoman or superman and ask for help – I guarantee results will start to appear once you do.

3. Perfectionism May Be Your Problem

Determination is one thing…perfectionism is another. Perfectionist are often times also “over thinkers,” so if this sounds like you I suggest you for real for real start before you’re ready. Stop thinking and start moving because truth be told, trying to be perfect is paralyzing you. Expect to make mistakes as this is called being a human. Welcome.

4. Get Some Real Face Time

Speaking of moving, the next and final step is to truly “step out.” Despite our FaceTime internet addiction, truce “face time” is the key to success RADicals – so set up meetings with the folks who will be assisting you in your journey. For instance if you decided to take an extravagant summer trip back in January, come off of Kayak.com and go meet with a real life trip advisor. Dropping some dough is a great motivator too.Both time and cash are hard to recover, so put your calendar and money where your mind and mouth is and watch real-life results start to happen. Hope this helps you get back on track RADicals. Despite how “off” you may feel today, remember: Today is the tomorrow you were referring to yesterday. Start. For more RAD inspirations click here


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