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This Season’s Top 5 Sweat-Approved Beauty Products

If you’re the type to skip makeup when you’re getting your heart rate up, then I want to tell you that you should consider wearing a little something-something next time you work out. Don’t worry—fitness-club and nightclub makeup aren’t the same.

So why should you wear makeup while you sweat? Because fitness clubs are the new match-and-mingle, plus fashion-forward, locations. Therefore, whether you’re single or OK with being a sweaty beauty, then learn how to look the part with this season’s top five sweat-approved beauty products.

Bat Your Eyelashes With Bobbi Brown

If you focus on only one area of your face, may it be your eyes, ladies. The eyes are the windows to our souls. However, in fitness spaces, perked-up peepers can serve as a “fake it until you make it” trick for looking (and hence feeling) awake during those morning workouts. With that said, check out Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Collection. Offering 12 hours of waterproof, sweat-proof and humidity-resistant wear, this line was made for us fit girls. In fact, during its promotion, it was tested on professional athletes such as surfer Kelia Moniz and Alpine ski racer Julia Mancuso.

Before you get it poppin’ at the gym, look the part and make your eyes pop with a well-groomed brow by using the Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil; brim your top lashes with the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Scotch (a soft black); and top everything off with several coats of the No Smudge Mascara. There you go—now you’re ready to bat those eyelashes while you bicep-curl.

Customize Your Look With Cover FX

Covering up a blemish or two while blasting out burpees in boot camp won’t cause breakouts. Promise. However, not all foundations are created equal. So keep it light and sheer with the new Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

Since they’re drops of pure pigment, you have complete control over your coverage levels. I mix one drop into my oil-free SPF moisturizer for the gym, two drops for extra coverage post-gym and three drops for flawless perfection when I head out for the night. So run, don’t walk, to the nearest beauty counter, because your #dropportunity awaits to introduce this revolutionary product to your favorite oil-, silicone- or water-based beauty product. All you have to do is mix, and in seconds you’ll be ready to mingle.

Keep It Light With Nars

If you prefer an all-in-one option for perfect coverage during those pushups, then check out the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation from NARS. Lightweight yet full coverage is a challenging combo to find in the beauty aisle, so once you come across this winning combination—which also happens to be oil-free and high-performance—then you really have to jump on it before you do those jumping jacks.

In clinical tests, this paraben-free formula was proven to last 16 hours, passed anti-humidity tests and even improved skin clarity after four weeks. I mean, who wouldn’t want to improve their skin while they improved their body? It builds and blends beautifully, so couple this bold look with your buff bod.

Pucker Up While You Shape Up With Fresh Beauty

If lipstick and chapstick had a baby, her name would be Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15. Offered in a plethora of colors, this product is the perfect option for those who want to pucker up while they shape up. I love how ultra nourishing this tinted lip treatment is. It literally moisturizes, protects and smoothens your lips, all while leaving a sheer tint. My favorite colors right now are Petal and Passion, and I rarely reapply in between reps. So grab a few colors and bring on those duck-face post-workout selfies!

Ready, Set, Go (All Day) With Urban Decay

I’m pretty sure that right behind sliced bread, Urban Decay’s Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray is the best invention ever. It’s basically hair spray for your face. Apply your makeup in the morning, work at the office all day, hit yoga after work and still look flawless. With its record of 12-hour endurance, all you have to do is mist on this weightless spray after applying your makeup, and it will last all day without smudges or fine lines. Plus, this option has a cooling, timed-release, temperature-control technology that actually chills the surface of your makeup. What in the world?! I’m telling you—it’s genius.

Do you sweat in makeup? What are your favorite products? Please do tell below.

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