I love a good sweat and I live for a good challenge so I have no idea why I hadn’t tried CrossFit until recently. But I did it and I loved it, so in case you are thinking about crossing over to the worlds fastest growing fitness trend, read this and get ready to buck up and shape up.

What Is CrossFit?

Textbook description: CrossFit is a interval based program developed to offer a full-body workout. It is often performed at a relatively high intensity and is a combination of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more.

RAD description: CrossFit is an excellent way to be challenged both physically and mentally. I was beyond afraid before I popped my CrossFit cherry. However in the end, I left my first session at CrossFit GSP in New Jersey thinking, “when can I come back for more?!” In short, I had a blast with co-owner and head coach, Kenny Santucci. Don’t believe, just watch and know that you can do Crossfit with these five tips:

#1 You Can Totally Be A Newbie

First things first, anyone–and I mean anyone can do CrossFit. I know you watched the CrossFit Games on ESPN, and then there’s the guy in your office who talks your ear off about WOD’s (see below to see what that means)–but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get down on the rack too boo. This heck of a workout isn’t just for buff hard bodies, in fact, I was pleased to see Santucci’s mother pop in for her daily workout while I was getting my first session in. Everyone has to start somewhere, and when you make your debut at a CrossFit box near you, they will make sure you learn the ropes (pun intended). In fact here are the fundamentals…

#2 Learn These 9 And You’ll Be Fine

The nine fundamentals of CrossFit are a compilation of moves that will prepare you for any scenario that this high intensity format may bring. Most CrossFit gyms offer what is called an “On Ramp” or “Elements” course where they will teach you proper form for the following: air squats (without the bar), front squats, overhead squats, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlifts, sumo deadlift high pull and medicine ball cleans. Sound like a lot? Don’t sweat it. You’re actually already doing most of these movement sequences in your everyday life. For instance, when you pick up your baby or a box off of the ground–that my friend is a deadlift. So keep living and keep showing up to your local “box” and you’ll be a true CrossFitter before you know it.

#3 Constantly Changing Constantly Challenging

If boredom is creeping into your sweaty fun life then CrossFit may be just what you need. CrossFit workouts vary by day, and as such they are called a WOD (short for Workout Of the Day). Some gyms create their own, while others use the daily routine posted on CrossFit.com. Each class is generally structured around the WOD–there’s a 10 to 15 minute warm up, followed by 10 to 15 minutes of certain skill work needed for the workout that’s coming up. And then after the WOD, there’s typically an easy cool down. Your load (how heavy you lift) and your intensity (how hard you go in) is totally up to you, so there you have it, a constantly changing constantly challenging sweaty workout option. Pow!

#4 Be About That Life

Another element that I love about CrossFit is the sense of community that it creates. With over 9,000 affiliate gyms (or as they say “boxes”) nationwide, posses of determined, dedicated and diesel divas are completely taking over the fitness world. Yes, you heard me correctly, divas. You’d be surprised to know that the male-female ratios show women as the majority, with splits ranging from 60-40 and even up to 70-30. Who runs the world? Girls! So what are you waiting for, join in on the fun. P.S. Clarity on the word “diesel,” you absolutely wont “bulk up” ladies! Unless you are on steroids, which I highly doubt and discourage. Real FitGirls lift, so be about that life. Plus the healthy competition is totally worth the membership since most gyms track and display your personal bests. This ensures that you are always in competition with your greatest competitor–yourself! Win, win.

#5 Pay Up To Shape Up

Speaking of membership, one of the major complaints against CrossFit is the high price tag. But hey “you get what you pay for!” CrossFit instructors are trained teachers and motivators, so if you’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer you can count on having one just by having a CrossFit membership. The groupings are often small therefore the amount of personal attention you receive is amplified. Here, let’s do the math: The average cost for a CrossFit membership ranges from $25 per class to $150 per month, whereas a private training session can cost anywhere from $50-$100+ per session. Welp that was easy–CrossFit seems like an investment worth making if you ask me.



P.S. CrossFit gear is so RAD. To see what’s in CLICK HERE.




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