Just how stressed are you? More than half (56%) of adults say they are doing an excellent or very good job of knowing when they are feeling stressed, but only about half as many (26%) report doing an excellent or very good job at preventing themselves from becoming stressed (American Psychological Association).

Knowing your relationships with stress directly affects other relationships in your life…and I am not just talking about the one with your significant other, boss, or friends. The number one relationship that stress impedes upon (especially within women) is our relationship with food. Most people fall within either camp “Soothe Through Food,” or camp “Avoid Food To Soothe.” However no matter what camp you reside in keep reading and learn how these top 5 stress busting foods recommended by Erin Dow (Expert Chef, Guiding Stars Licensing Company) can help keep your health on track no matter what life throws your way!

Feel Like A “Nut” Instead

The omega-3s found in nuts help the body maintain a lower blood pressure during stressful situations. The highest omega-3 packing nut are walnuts…so grab a handful before your next presentation and represent for real!

Get Warm And Fuzzy With A Kiwi

Kiwi’s have a high Vitamin C content and therefore helps reduce stress hormone levels in the bloodstream. Add this fuzzy skinned fruit to your next fruit salad for a sweet and tasty treat.

Don’t Loose Your Oatmeal

No wonder this breakfast staple is so popular. A small serving contains powerful complex carbohydrates and can boost serotonin levels. And when your serotonin leaves are kicked up you are left feeling more relaxed. I can’t think of a better way to start your day.

Tall Dark and Chocolate

Studies show that regular consumption of a modest amount of dark chocolate can help reduce anxiety in those prone to it. Sold. Breaking me off a square as I type. Looking for an inexpensive portioned controlled way to indulge? Grab a bag of them in chip form. 32  dark chocolate chips only have 70 calories. Fun and yum!

Strawberries: A Berry Good Choice

High in magnesium, strawberries can help reduce anxiety and irritability. Add some to your post workout smoothie or slice a few over your cereal in the morning. Strawberries mix well with just about any fruit and even some veggies…hello summer salads.


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