Kindergartners are simply the best, if you ask me! They are so intriguing and their innocence coupled with their ability to truly be in the moment is something I’ve always adored. They say the darndest things and they do even more fascinating things ,which is why I think we can a learn a lot from them when it comes to our health and fitness journeys. So lets go back into time RADicals and learn some amazing healthy living tips from Kindergarteners.

1. Earn Your Dessert

“If you eat all your food then you can have dessert.” We’ve all heard this before right? This boundary our parents put on us is the first rule we let go of once we are grown and on our own. Talk about having our cake and eating it too. Now I am not saying we should always clean our plates, because truth be told that is something a lot of kids don’t do- they instinctively eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. However what I am saying is that we start seeing treats as such, as opposed to just saying “I am grown woman, I can eat cookies if I want to.”

2. Anticipate Snack Time

My greatest memory from kindergarten is snack time. I would sit in my little seat after recess patiently waiting for my peanut butter and crackers thinking to myself, “Oh boy this is great!” After all I had double-dutched twice, hula hooped until I was dizzy and even beat a few boys in four square- all in a 20 minutes by the way. Simply put, my hunger was real then – not boredom in disguise like it is now. The body is a machine y’all. We take food in so we can put energy out, therefore our consumption should match our physical exertion. Kindergartners understand this and we ought to readopt this.

3. More Recess Please

Recess, also known as exercise in disguise is the reason why childhood obesity wasn’t an issue back in the day. Going outside to play is a kindergartners greatest desire (well at least it used to be). They don’t think, “Man do I have to go run around and have fun. I’m too busy.” True, 5 year olds have very few worries, but their enthusiasm to “play” is something us grown folk can use a bit more of in our lives. The more we can see fitness and working out as fun the more enjoyable it will actually be – which is why I always encourage my clients to just be active. Whether that means playing tag with your kids or carrying all your bags at the mall instead of taking several trips back and forth to the trunk. All this counts as physical activity, so bring on adult recess please.

4. Have A Bedtime

Staying up past 8:30 was rare back in the day, yet now I can stay up to midnight one night, crash at 9:00 the next and even watch the sun come up on some super fun nights. You too? Well RADicals this complicated relationship with our sheets can be causing more harm than good when it comes to our sex life, memory, health, looks, and even our ability to lose weight. So do like you did when you were in kindergarten- have a bedtime and only beak it for slumber parties and days off. Night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

5. Take A Risk

The number one reason people don’t see their health and fitness goals come to fruition is due to lack of risk. For instance, you think there is no way you could ever run a 5K or go without carbs at dinner, but 5-year-olds very rarely operate out of fear. Don’t believe me? Hit up your local playground and watch how kids are jumping off slides, making friends with whoever is in the sand pit and engaging in a game of tag (without knowing their competition). Knowing nothing sometimes is everything, cause like kindergartners, faith in self is all we really need to succeed.


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