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Baked Falafel & Israeli Salad [RECIPE]

If there is one thing (after pizza) that I could eat every single day and never get tired of, it would be falafel. Served with tons of Israeli salad! A little joint on my block has the best falafel pita sandwich my tastebuds have ever met, however after blowing my "eating out" budget last month there I thought I would start making my own (healthier) version. The falafel is baked instead of fried and the Israeli salad recipe is the… READ MORE

10 Tips On How To Be A RAD GFI (Group Fitness Instructor)

I can't remember what happened 10 minutes ago, but I'll never forget what happened 10 years ago. I was a graduate student getting my MFA in Acting at The University of Texas, Austin, handling some Shakespeare with 11 other RAD artists by day (and night...and weekends and every other time you can imagine). However in between theatre classes I was hitting up fitness classes. The Division I school had physical activity on lock so the fitness centers (yep there was more than one)… READ MORE

“Completely” RAD: 7 Gems From My 7th Half Marathon

People always ask me if I ever run out of town races, and I’m like, "Yeah I run the Airbnb Brooklyn Half!” Inside joke for New Yorkers. No but seriously, I love traveling from my Harlem Central Park trails to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for some 13.1 fun. The energy is so RAD in Brooklyn and the course is by far my favorite. However the best part about running half marathon #7 on Saturday was I PR’d!!!!! Running a sub 2:00 half… READ MORE

How to Stay Dedicated When You’re Not Really Motivated

First I thought it was winter blues (spring where in the world are you in NYC), or maybe just too much on my plate with this budding fitness fashion line, full roster of clients, Equinox classes, RAD Live! parties etc. But then I realized while it is probably a combination of all the above, the truth of the matter is I’m not really motivated. Sure inspirational quotes are plentiful on social media and I sweat daily, however I still find… READ MORE

Meet Me At Ivy Park: 7 Fit Tips Inspired By Beyoncé

Happy Slay Day! The wait is over ladies, our favorite girl is now officially a fit girl... Many across the nation unleashed their inner Sasha Fierce all in the name of sweat today thanks to the drop of Bey's co-owned athleisure collection Ivy Park. I was in that count (more on this "fierceness" below)... However since skin baring season is upon us, and I know you're looking for some fun ways to “slay," I figured why not let our girl Beyoncé lead the… READ MORE

Yes I Lost Weight…But Wait Until You Hear How Much I Gained

I wasn't going to write about my recent weight loss because I really didn't think people noticed. Or cared. In fact my sentiments were the same when I slowly but surely gained 15 pounds after my mother unexpectedly passed on July 25, 2013. People gain and lose weight all the time, no big deal right?! Well almost three years, several comments (negative and positive) and tons of changes (physically and mentally) later I figured I would let you in on how… READ MORE

Spring Training: 4 Ways To Run A Different Race

Spring is here and I can't wait to lace up and gear up for a RAD training season. Yes I run all year long, but there's something about the crisp air and layer-less fun that running in the spring provides that really rocks my world. That, and I usually run my annual half marathon in the spring. This year it is the Airbnb Brooklyn Half, the largest half-marathon in the country, again. Last year's race was my first go round with this infamous borough's… READ MORE

How Ashley Hicks of Black Girls Run! Is Literally Running It

Ashley Hicks with daughter Olivia in her stroller. (photo courtesy of: Kate T. Parker)    Calling all the ladies in the world who are owning their #BlackGirlMagic and winning in life. You’re running your career, your love life, managing family and friends; and anyone who knows you knows you’re absolutely a boss. However, while having it all and doing it all may be part of our #BlackGirlMagic DNA, if we are all honest for a hot second, we can unanimously… READ MORE

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