The last time I was in a yoga studio was 2 years ago….which probably explains the muscular imbalances and injury rehabilitation I am experiencing right now….but anywho, I went to Virayoga yesterday with one of my favorite FitGirl lululemon yogis Molly. And when I rolled out my mat I met a level of peace and praise that words cannot describe…

How did this happen? Well first and foremost I quickly let go of my judgement around my 2 year long absence. I simply met myself, body, and energy where it was at that moment. I instantly decided that since the next 90 minutes may be the only moment of rest I get- on what had already proved to be a manic Monday, the least I could do is indulge in this moment.  And I did.

The instructor Elena Brower made this desire easy (and sweet as pie from an Easy Bake Oven) to achieve. See, I became acquainted with Elena at a lululemon sponsored event on meditation a couple weeks back and had been dying to connect with her again spirit to spirit ever since. And on yesterday my expectations were not only met, but blown away. In a matter of seconds I forgot about my injury (huge deal since it often times mentally and physically consumes me) and was in a space of true surrender.

I sat on my mat drunk off of the positive energy that surrounded me and Elena started the class with an invitation. She invited us to seek and receive help.

At first I was like what in the world does that mean?! And then it hit me.

Help can mean so many things and can also come in various different forms. I immediately thought of personal help or help from other people and then the idea of help from spirit landed on my heart. And right then and there and for 90 minutes straight I surrendered to the help that was already all around me. I thanked God for the help he provides and the angles on earth He sends to assist in His one desire and joy to help me daily. And when the class ended in a posture of open arms extended to the sky my heart was filled with praise as I received a level of “help” that I know for a fact could’ve only been received with open arms.


My Prayer:


“Thank you God for showing us that if we are open to receiving help we can and will achieve it. Open our hearts and minds to recognize when help comes our way and grant us the courage to be a help when needed. May the cycle of love through our ability to help and be helped endure.”






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