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City Row: Rowing…The New Spin [VIDEO]




Looking for a fun, smart and safe workout that’s low impact, yet high intensity? Then I recommend you stop walking by those rowers at your local gym. In fact, I actually recommend you come hang out with me and my friends at City Row in NYC. This interval based workout combines rowing intervals on one sexy water-based rowing machine…plus dynamic sculpting exercises.

City Row’s classes are the perfect balance of both cardio and strength training, and unlike spin – you aren’t strapped to a machine for an entire class. This heart-pumping, sweat-drenched, total-body burn is just as fun as it is effective so keep reading and learn why your legs, core and arms will love rowing again. No crew team membership required this time.

Head To Toe Burn

Total body conditioning never felt so good. From the moment I strapped my feet into the gorgeous and functional WaterRower I was hooked. Within seconds I could feel my legs, core and arms burning,  so when it came time to hop off the rowers for some conditioning fun I was ready to cry. Tears of joy that is. Helaine Knapp (CEO and Founder of City Row) nailed it with this innovative workout and after Annie Mulgrew (Director of Programming) and I got our RAD sweat on I was already day dreaming about my next City Row visit. This total body workout is totally a winner so check out the fun I had with Helaine and Annie in the video above.

Your Joints Will Love Rowing

Not only will every single muscle in your body (even the ones you didn’t know you had) love rowing but your joints will too boo. This is a truly a smart workout as it is form-centric and therefore highly effective. Nothing beats a total body workout that challenges you without harming you. Unlike most high intensity cardio based workouts rowing is low impact which means the unnecessary force and pounding on your joints is eliminated. So know this RADicals – the injured (or those who would rather not risk injury) are absolutely welcomed.

Go With The Flow And Row

Back in the day rowing was classified under boring but thanks to Knapp’s love of group fitness and fun City Row offers a plethora of classes taught by rockstar instructors. There is a “fundamentals” class for newbies, their signature class which combines rowing intervals and dynamic sculpting exercises and my new favorite – City Row + Flow, a rowing interval followed by a vinyasa flow style yoga. Totally the best of both worlds here. So what are you waiting for, book a class today and go get your row on at City Row.

Have you tried group rowing, or rowing solo even? Let me know what you think of it below.

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