Suns out, so let’s hang out. I’m so glad the free gym is open again RADicals, so I wanted to share with you my five favorite plyometric (jumping) exercises that I do in the park. So cancel your gym membership and sign up for this RAD workout for free ninety nine. Ready? Let’s jump around.

Why You Should Do Plyometrics?

Remember all that skipping, galloping and jumping that you did as a kid? Well you should totally bring those movements back as an adult. Plyometrics (plyo for short) are great for athletic conditioning since it focuses on explosive reactions – think jumping up to spike the ball in volleyball or rebounding the ball in basketball. However whether you’re an athlete or not, plyometrics are great for stretching, strengthening and whipping your muscles into shape (quick). Plus, it’s a RAD alternative to an everyday strength-training workout since plyo moves also boost your muscle power, strength, balance, and agility.

So check out this entire workout using plyometrics above. It can be intense, so ease into this jump crazy workout or just start by adding a few of the five moves shown to your usual routine.

Plyometrics For Beginners

Speaking of easing in, safety first. The most common risk in taking on plyometrics is injuring your knees, so to prevent a blowout while you work out remember to engage your glutes (the biggest muscles in your body P.S.), your quads, hamstrings and core every single hop. This will not only take unnecessary pressure off your knees, it will also invite a host of other muscles to the party. Still feeling your joints when you land? Back off and either replace jumping with stepping in exercises like the “Single Leg Stair Hops,” or calf raises instead of hops in the “Plyometric Curtsy Lunges.”

Add Some Bounce To The Ounce With DJ-51

Jumping around is fun, but it’s even more fun with DJ-51. This free app uses and analyzes shared music from your and your friends’ Spotify accounts to intelligently build the perfect playlist which reflects the collective musical taste of everyone in the group. With the app using BPM to create playlists based on vibes (popular, dance, electronic, obscure, etc), it’ll always make one perfect for whatever type of workout you’re doing! So grab a friend and let’s jump to it.

Hope you love this! Let me know how you worked it out in this plyo workout below.


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