Hey lady, here’s an idea: Ditch your sneakers and sweat in your stilettos! I mean, we do everything else in heels, so why not workout, right? Don’t be scared, rocking heels doesn’t have to be painful. Join the new healthy and sexy party, Heel Hop® and work it in a way that your body will thank you for. Check out these three reasons why working out in your heels just might be the best thing since pole dancing as a fitness class!

The Diva Behind It All

Heel Hop® is a Women’s Empowerment Lifestyle Brand created by renowned dancer and certified fitness instructor, Kamilah Barrett. As a former “So You Think You Can Dance” competitor, Kamilah totally gets how to work a stage, room and now our bodies. Her empowering workout was such a blast to try and after one session, I was completely hooked. No wonder celebrities such like Tia and Tamera Mowry are such fans–you will learn how to properly walk in heels with poise and have sexy fun all at once in a low-impact choreographed workout.

Sculpt What Your Momma Gave Ya

If you often feel like you are about to topple over in heels then Heel Hop® can save the day. By learning how to engage your core, glutes and legs while strutting around in your six inch show stoppers, you will instantly gain a level of strength and stability like no other. So press play already and get your cardioflow on, develop leaner and longer lower body muscles, whittle your middle and pick up some great new dance moves all in 60 heart pumping minutes.

Sexy From The Inside Out

Hello hot body and ultra confidence “party of two!” The moment I strapped my favorite stilettos on I instantly felt sexy (we all do right?). So once I finally pushed play, it was game on. I loved how Kamilah’s instructions were so precise and empowering. Within no time I felt like I was training for the runway and was sore in all the right places. Plus, her proprietary technique is so RAD, you’re going to flip when you instantly learn how to rescue your dogs from the pain and discomfort associated with wearing high heels. I am totally taking Kamilah’s techniques to the streets and am proud to announce that wearing heels will never be the same. So what are you waiting for? Put the spice back in your life and get you a copy of this DVD today.


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