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Find The Perfect Sports Bra: Your Ultimate 2013 Support Guide

Been rocking the same sports bra since the 90s? Stop that. Right now. And read this. Everyone knows that I love my girls (you silly, not my assets). Therefore I am proud to say that I recently recruited all my main FitGirls in this desperate time of need. Sweat tests have taken place and no size was left behind. So, before you do another burpee, read this and find the perfect amount of support designed to tie your chicks down.

Absolutely Awesome (A Cups)

Just because you can get away with going braless every now and then doesn’t mean you should skip out during your workout. Size definitely matters when it comes to finding the perfect sports bra, so if you are absolutely an A, absolutely try one of these awesome sports bras.


1) Champion Zip Tech Sports Bra

Get ready to fall in love with the comfort and style of this sporty brassiere. The silk fabric is super soft and can survive even your sweatiest workout sessions due to it’s wick absorbing capabilities. Plus, the molded cups lend to brilliant shape and the flexible sides create the perfect custom fit. Oh, and you can’t forget the full length front zipper! My RAD FitGirl Tester said, “This is the perfect bra for sweaty sessions, all you do is zip it off and the bra never touches your face!”




2) lululemon Energy Bra

Why upstage this adorable sports bra with a tank? The crisscross back not only offers supreme snugness but also holds your girls tight and right. Sprint, skip, stretch or just stroll in this award-winning-asset-holding undergarment. The RAD FitGirl Tester for this beauty said, “I never want to take it off. It feels like I have nothing on yet everything stays right in place. Sooo in love!”




3) LivFit “The Endurance Bra”

The name says it all! High impact, low impact this bra stays intact. And boy is this lady gorgeously designed?! The wide crisscross straps are a show stopper and the off and on action is easy as 1,2,3. According to my RAD FitGirl Tester, “You’re going to want this one in every color offered.”



Best Place To Be (B Cups)

I’ve never met a sports bra a B cup couldn’t rock. You can go for a shelf lined style for low to medium impact activities or even snag an underwired sports bra for those long runs or boxing class. So since you are the “Queen B” of sports bras here are some that are simply the best!


1) Champion The Show-Off Sports Bra

Nothing worse than having your headlights “show through” in the middle of a sweat session. Well you can kiss those embarrassing moments goodbye since this sports bra’s smooth molded cups are designed to keep your headlights from “showing-out.” Add this to the soft inner lining and tag-free T-back and you have one headliner of a bra. “I used to sweat so much  during my long runs that I would sometimes break out in a rash under my breast, however the wicking power of this bra has completely eliminated this problem,” said The RAD FitGirl Tester. Go for it. Snag this bra and be a show-off!




2) The Adjustable Handful Bra 

As it’s name suggests, this soft and luxe sports bra is golden for FitGirl’s who are working with just a “handful” up top. There is no need to expose in crow pose, so keep everything secure in yoga or just throw it on on one of those days you just don’t feel like wearing a bra. However, “cups or no cups?” that is the question-thanks to this bra’s removable ones. And if this is not enough “chameleon swag” for you then you are going to flip when you experience the convertible straps. No style left behind. The RAD FitGirl Tester said, “I can’t stop talking about, or stop wearing this incredibly comfortable bra. I am gifting these next holiday season for all my fit friends for sure!”




3) UA Armour Bra® Protegée B Cup

You’re rushing to change from a Pilates princess into a corporate America queen only to pick up a zit smack dab on you forehead. Sucks. Happens to the best of us when we constantly brush our sweaty sports bra across our face. Well you can kiss forehead zits goodbye once you start rocking this diva of a bra. Zip her on, zip her off and go. The molded cups make for a perfect fit, and since it is built for high impact support you can concentrate on your moves and not on what’s moving. “Felt like my underwire sports bras sans the actual wire…doesn’t get much better than this,” said The RAD FitGirl Tester.



For Sizes C and D CLICK HERE

For Sizes E and up CLICK HERE

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