Don’t let Halloween “trick” you into too many “treats” this year! This candy infested holiday may only come once a year, but it can actually be quite healthy if you follow these easy tips. Pretty spooky news right?

#1 Pick Your Flavor

Before you fist dive into your coworker’s or child’s candy stash this year, shake things up and be a little picky. What are you craving? Chocolatey, fruity, nutty, minty etc. Once you decide treat yourself to one or two pieces only. It’s not tricky….four fun size candy bars equals the full thing, so pick wisely.

#2 Make It Last

Hard candy like lollipops or jawbreakers take a long time to eat, so sucking on these treats can keep you from overeating. Kind of hard to pop open and devour four fun-sized Snickers when you have a Tootsie Roll Pop between your lips.

#3 Close Up Shop

Set a firm schedule for trick or treaters, say 6-8pm? This will help you pace out your “give outs” so that once the clock strikes eight you don’t have buckets full of sweetness leftover to tempt you. Plus those 8pm visitors will love you for those handfuls of goodness you drop into their pillowcases.

#4 Treat It As A Treat

Not a meal. Make sure to have a delicious, filling and healthy meal before trick or treating. Sweet temptations on an empty or unsatisfied stomach sets you up for a serious binge. This year make your Halloween treats the desert in your diet, not the main dish.


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