Changing bodies is my passion and to be able to both assist and witness other’s transform their entire life through fitness is such a blessing. However after watching The Biggest Loser season finale I can’t stop thinking about Rachel  Frederickson’s “winning” moment last night.


She was hands down my favorite contestant this season. I was so inspired by her vulnerability to confess to the fact that she chose love over her dream to be a competitive swimmer, and I also couldn’t help but honor her for having the courage to take her life back after her choice backfired. It wasn’t a typical “I went through a breakup and then I gained weight” story. Rachel is a fighter. It was/is obvious. So with that said I tuned in every single week in order to witness the journey of what I knew was a “winner” in the making.


Winning that triathlon was one of the RADdest moments I had ever seen on the show, therefore I couldn’t wait to watch the season finale in order to see her show up and win again. But when my favorite contestant stepped on the scale for her final weigh in at 105 lbs I was overwhelmed and shocked by my immediate emotional response. I couldn’t stop crying. “What happened?! How did she lose all that weight?! How tall is she?! This is not healthy?! Oh my goodness, what are people going to think…say?!” My mind was racing and I wanted to reach out to her as if she were my BFF from high school or even a personal client. I knew the media was going to go crazy, but worse, I knew that if Frederickson did in fact trade her struggle with obesity in for an eating disorder…the last thing she needed was criticism.

So as a fitness blogger, personal trainer, former athlete who ended up overweight and did trade her struggle with obesity in for an eating disorder…I offer this to you- my favorite Biggest Loser contestant- Rachel Frederickson:

Dear Rachel

First and foremost I am so proud of you. You have overcome so much and inspired so many by sharing your story. I can only imagine how you must feel to have survived such an experience. However in this winning moment I want you to know that your weight, weight loss and current weight are only a fraction of who you truly are. May your success be greater than what any prize or title could ever offer you. May health continue to be a priority in your life, and no matter what your internal struggle may be know that you are not alone. Your courage and determination are what have lead you to this point so I pray that you never forget to tap into this memory. 


No Judgement. Only Faith.

Weight loss is a journey not a destination. Thinking of you no matter “where” in your travels you may be.

XOXO Robbie



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