Thanks to “The Secret” and Oprah bringing us vision boards back in 2009, this time of the year is when most of us break out old magazines and get our scrapbook on in hopes of a breakthrough (or few) in the new year. I am one of these many “collage-making-dreamers,” and can’t wait to meet up with my Harlem girls this Sunday for our annual vision board making party. However as I prepare to glue stick my hopes and dreams to card stock yet again, I wanted to share how I “write my vision, and make it plain.” May these tips help you turn this popular annual crafting experience into reality.

Write The Vision

When I first started making vision boards I would spend majority of the time flipping through magazines at lightning speed. Only to end up either reading an article that I must have missed the first time I read the magazine, or trying to figure out if I too could pull off a purple smokey eye. Hello Then, once I finally regained my focus I would end up just cutting out what piqued my interest at first glance. Maybe it was in line with what I wanted for the year, maybe it wasn’t? Who knows. So now, before I even crack open a magazine or break out the scissors, I write out my vision in list form first. Not only is this step pretty incredible, it also helps me feel super focused to create a vision board with purpose.

Make All The Boards

Well actually there will be more that one board. Yes I know these things are typically created as one big collage, but the first time I tried one this way I couldn’t help but think, “this looks like a hot mess!” With glossy scraps everywhere I found it hard to focus on one thing on the page and consequently the goal attached to it. That’s when I discovered the idea to make tons of boards. Instead of using a poster board I use several standard paper sized pieces of card stock or heavy paper. Then I break down my yearly goals into categories that represent the different areas of my life that I have a vision for. For instance I have a fitness board, one for career goals, financial goals, relationship goals etc. P.S. If you organize the list I mentioned above into categories browsing through magazines will become 10X quicker. Plus, doing things this way helps with overall focus and serves as a greater source of motivation all year long. I love being able to whip out mini boards on certain days when motivation to get to the gym or save my refund check is necessary.

Put Your Dreams On Display

Then once you finish all your gorgeous mini boards, go on ahead and put those babies on display. I have mine up in my living room – so yes all my business is out there when people come over. But they are pretty and great conversation starters so they do triple duty as motivation, artwork and entertainment. However if you’re not into everyone knowing your dreams, you absolutely don’t have to prop up your purpose. Instead you could put one board inside of your closet, one on your mirror or take a pic of another and have it as your cellphone wallpaper. The options are limitless and the most important thing is that you’re able to view your vision boards often.

Do-Overs Welcomed

The best thing about life is that it changes. So last but certainly not least, feel free to make vision boards all year long. The new year and all the resolutions we make can be overwhelming, so if you’re not sure what you want for the next 365 days that is completely fine and normal. Honor this truth and make a new vision board maybe every month or every quarter instead. This will make things more manageable and consequently your goals more achievable. Plus, month to month (day to day if you’re like me) you may have a change of heart. So just remember that in vision board making, as in life, do-overs are welcomed.

What are your vision board plans? Can’t wait to see your dreams become reality this year RADicals!


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