Remind me to tell you about that time my apartment manager gave everyone in my building a whole turkey for Thanksgiving. Dope right!?! Well when he handed it off I began to think of all the delicious recipes I was going to try. And then another RAD idea popped into my head – “this joker is heavy!” So since you all know that I dig lifting heavy things – I had to make this party infused holiday workout just for you boo! Get ready to wobble before you gobble. RADcover

3 Quick Tips:

#1 Beware Of The Frozen Turkey

Sweating with a turkey is wild fun – but it can also be dangerous if your wild bird is frozen. Frozen turkeys are for sure wet, slippery and at 18lbs or more the last thing you want to do is drop your holiday main dish on the floor. So try to get your sweat on before you pop your meat in the freezer lady.

#2 Ways To Wobble Way After Thanksgiving

Speaking of that wild turkey – if your bird is already frozen, too heavy or too light – feel free to get your sweat party on with a medicine ball or any other heavy piece of gym equipment such as a single dumbbell.

#3 Dance Whenever You Get A Chance

The best part about this fit routine is all the fun that it offers. My number one fitness motto is “make it fun and get it done,” so take the work out of your workout and enjoy a little easy choreography to get by. Speaking of music – if you need some fun beats I am glad to send you some love (see sidebar boo)!



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