If you teach or do Step Aerobics in 2013 you are either a dinosaur or own a shirt that says “Jazzercise.” I however am the exception to the rule. When I was in high school back in 199imsonottellingyou “Step Aerobics” was P.E. My favorite teacher ever Mrs. Slutzi (don’t get me started on how RAD this lady is) taught a class that was ran more like a group fitness program at a gym rather than a traditional high school P.E. class. I loved it and it blows my mind daily that the road that has lead me to where I am today started way back then.

Sooooo with that said, since I had some high school cred, when I got certified as a Group Fitness Instructor in 2005, Step was one of the first classes I taught. Basic moves like “basic” coupled with moves named after majority of the alphabet (come on “L Step” and “I Step) came naturally to me and therefore always served as my “joker card” when it came to being hired as a GFI in the future.

When people found out that I was under 40 and knew how to teach Step they would always want me to “step up” and join their schedule (or they would just laugh). So when I moved to New York and was subbing more classes a week than most people take in their lifetime, I was always first round draft pick for Step. I started as a sub at the infamous New York Presbyterian Hospital, however once word got out that hip hop and salsa are a part of my RAD Step Party, I had my own class in no time!

For four years I have excitedly joined some of the flyest “I-am-from-the-Bronx-don’t-mess-with-me” FitGirls ever. We have popped dropped and rolled each and every week in ways that may be shameful in some circles (lol jk). This dance party was truly fitness fun at it’s finest and I loved it!

So when I was recently faced with a tough decision I immediately prayed hard and long. “Am I going to have to serve up one last dance to these ladies soon God?” I asked.

“Yes.” He answered.

All things come to an end. Even good things. One of the biggest lessons I have learned this past year is that when opportunity knocks you absolutely have to “step up.” Like most people: Comfort is my middle name. I love me some Bronx Booty Poppin’ ladies at NYP and I will miss them greatly now that I have decided to “step down.” But trust me on this one girls…

I don’t know much. But I know this: This is not the end. We about to make this RAD party “public!” Our “private” party memories will never leave my heart and I thank each of you for putting up with my homemade mixes (P.S. everybody stand up for the current RAD Mix creator DJ Carver…whoot whoot), for enduring my constant memory lapses when the “breakdown” part of a song came on and I’ld ditch the choreography for a freestyle moment and especially…for making me feel so RAD. You all light up my life!

May you continue to double clap, slap steps with all your might and mambo cha cha from front to back wherever sweat may be.

P.S. When I turned that music up so loud during our last 3 mins together today…that was just me trying to drown out my tears!

XOXO Robbie

Check out what Step Aerobics looks like in RAD Universe here.



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