If the last time you popped a wheelie was in the 3rd grade then you are totally missing out on some two-wheeled fun. More than 48 million adults in the United States and millions more worldwide enjoy cycling for recreation, fitness, racing and commuting; and the indoor version known as spinning is pretty much a staple at most gyms today. So pedal on over here RADical and learn why you too can spin yourself healthy.I did. Watch my RAD spinning time at Soul Cycle on RADtv.

Soul Cycle on RADtv

The Cycling Craze

If you like to take your workouts alfresco, are looking for a new adrenaline pumping challenge, or just want to ditch traffic on your daily commute then the cycling craze may be right up your alley. Cardiovascular and muscular endurance comes all wrapped up in a two wheel ball of fun with this hot trend and can be learned by just about anyone- especially the injured according to former professional race and author of “Fitness Cycling,” Shannon Sovndal. “Cycling offers fitness training that is easy on your muscles and joints.  If you suffer from joint pain or have problems with impact sports, then cycling is the perfect avenue to increase your fitness,” says Sovndal. However of course there is an inherent risk from being on the road, so don’t forget your helmet. Plus, if you do get hooked, cycling can be expensive. Most bikes run on average $400-$600, but can sometimes be as high as $10,000?!? However I am pretty sure your boy Craig may have one on his “list” that would be a great starter bike for ya. So go for it and be a kid again yall.

Spin Is So In

Not down to have sweaty fun in the sun? Well take your bike loving tail indoors with spin then. Unless you have been living under a rock, then you most certainly know that spin has been, and is still soooo in! Truth be told, you are either going to love it or hate it, however most people I talk to in the industry LOVE it. Haven’t tried it yet or unsure on what so fun about riding a stationary bike? Well first and foremost when it comes to the physical benefits of spin this format is a one stop shop:

1) Because you are sprinting in intervals through out your 30-75 minute session your heart rate will be crazy high. Hello cardio.

2) Since your instructor will consistently encourage you to “up your resistance,” your major leg muscles and even core (if you are positioned right) will get a serious burn. Hello muscular strength.

But the best part by far is, unlike outdoor cycling, the music will definitely move you. Trying to keep up with the cadence of Beyonce one moment and then 2 Chainz the next is so RAD and can serve as a lovely distraction. So what do you say? Go reserve your bike already.

Join The Cult

Spin has gotten so popular this past decade that boutique spin studios are giving traditional fitness facilities a run for their money. People are ditching their all inclusive gym memberships in favor for genre specific fitness options and ladies, spin is the leader of the pack within this trend. With companies such as Soul Cycle,Flywheel and Revolve popping up in every major city (and even across seas) folks everywhere are clipping into bike pedals several times a week by the millions. Couple this with hot music and a wildly enthusiastic instructors and you have on heck of a party. I know this first hand since I joined the Soul Cycle cult this summer. Like most, I fell instantly in love with how this popular studio beautifully mixes dance, fun, and spinning all in one three dimensional experience. “They don’t just ride the bike, the dance the bike.” I’m telling you, once that first beat dropped I dropped into a state of rave worthy fun and had the instant calorie burn and next day muscle soreness to prove it. Don’t believe me? Then watch me sweat with my soul here and see for yourself.


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